Samaya Seminyak Cuts Air-Con Expense by 25% & Reduces Ozone Depletion

Samaya Seminyak Cuts Air-Con Expense by 25% & Reduces Ozone Depletion
September 30, 2015 Bradley Cox

Guest Column
By General Manager Ray Clark
Samaya Seminyak – Bali

Ray GMThe Samaya Seminyak has decided to convert existing air conditioning equipment in all villas and offices to operate on hydrocarbon refrigerant. Hydrocarbon Refrigerants are non‐ozone depleting and have an extremely low global warming potential (GWP) of less than 3. It offers many advantages such as environmental benefits, improved compressor life & the energy savings achieved over the more commonly used chemical refrigerants such as HFCs and HCFCs.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerants have ZERO ODP, and absolute minimum GWP which is generally less than 1 year, unlike some chemical refrigerants that have an atmospheric lifetime of more than 15 years. It also has smaller molecular size which makes the actual surface area is increased by as much as 50% and as a result, the ability to absorb or reject heat is also increased. Due to the Hydrocarbon Refrigerants being about half as dense as their chemical counterparts, the pressure at which HCs have to be raised to then permit condensing into a liquid is lower, thus making the head pressures are lower.

The reduction of head pressures means the compressor does not have to “push” or work as hard, and this can contribute to longer compressor life. In addition, Hydrocarbon refrigerants help to improve refrigeration performance which leads to a reduction in running hours and lowers power consumption up to 20%.

General Manager of The Samaya, Mr. Ray Clark, says, “To date The Samaya Seminyak expects to reduce their operational expenses on air conditioning by 25%.”

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