Sa De La Ferme Du Bournat: Lessons from the Past

Sa De La Ferme Du Bournat: Lessons from the Past
November 15, 2017 Bradley Cox

Sa De La Ferme Du Bournat is a unique theme-village, located in the heart of the Périgord Noir Region along the banks of the Vézére River. Children and adults alike can step back in time and enjoy the many activities that reflect life in rural France in the 1900s including craft demonstrations, shows, an animal farm, fairground attractions and dining options.

Green Globe recently recertified Sa De La Ferme Du Bournat for the second consecutive year.

Le Parc du Bournat was built with the principles of a living museum in mind, where people and families could experience life in an historical setting and also learn about sustainable lifestyles. Le Bournat has been painstakingly and lovingly recreated into a 19th century village. Regional economic development is supported by the park that has its own cutler, saddler, miller, brewer, blacksmith and wood turner who each demonstrate and make traditional wares. In addition, handicrafts such as wheat woven goods, delicate glass blown items and pottery are also made and sold.

Local produce and homemade deli meats are showcased at the various dining venues around the park. While the Grocery Store also sells traditionally made jams, bread milled and baked onsite and other local delicacies that embody the renowned flavours of the Périgord region. To support employment in the community, most of the employees including seasonal workers at Le Bournat are local residents.

Le Parc du Bournat follows a comprehensive Sustainable Development Management Plan and also has a dedicated Green Globe referee to oversee various green initiatives implemented at the park. Goals include minimizing environmental impacts, reducing water and energy usage and lowering carbon emissions.

Le Bournat believes that the education of children is crucial to preserve the traditional expertise, the culture and the traditions of the Périgord. Animals and biodiversity are part of the park’s educational agenda and there is an Animal Island as well as a Mini Farm (specifically designed for 2-12 year olds) where kids can play and interact with farm animals, Shetland ponies, donkeys, goats, geese and rabbits.


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