RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant Enriches Sustainability in Austria

RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant Enriches Sustainability in Austria
November 27, 2017 Bradley Cox

The RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant has reason to celebrate this month. The hotel received the Green Globe re-certification, which is a testament to their commitment and continued work in the area of ​​resource-conscious business and shows that the seminar hotel with its sustainability concept is on the right track.

In addition to the Green Globe re-certification, Retter Seminar Hotel was also pleased to receive the Golden Flipchart 2017 and the award for the most popular seminar business in Austria. The award ceremony took place at the Jufa Hotel Wien City. The winner of the Golden Flipchart is determined by a ranking in the MICEadvisor, a rating platform that incorporates feedback from clients, coaches and seminar organizers.

The most popular seminar hotels with an overall satisfaction of more than 90 percent are honored with the MICEadvisor certificates. The RETTER Seminar Hotel Bio Restaurant came up with a total customer satisfaction rate of 99.83%.

For years, the Retter Seminar hotel has been working successfully in the field of sustainability. All doors and windows are equipped with seals that avoid the need for additional  heating and cooling. Thanks to a rainwater system, the hotel also saves 3,000,000 litres of drinking water per year and a bio-mass heating plant saves up to 1,000,000 kg of CO² emissions per year.

The hotel attaches great importance to providing guests with organic certified food from the region. In the hotel kitchen only locally-grown regional organic animals such as pork, lamb or beef are processed. Since 2014, the hotel has been collaborating with the Labonca Pasture Abattoir and a private pasture with 100 pigs reserved for the seminar hotel. The animals are guaranteed to be slaughtered stress-free by the Labonca Pasture Abattoir and the ham and sausage specialties are produced in a phosphate-free and nitrite-free hot-frying process. In addition the orchards surrounding the hotel have been certified organic since 1992, and fresh organic bread is baked daily from the wood oven.

The results in the field of resource-conscious economics show that the Retter Seminarhotel  is constantly developing and developing new ideas. For 2018, the hotel is facing a successful year continuing to make an important contribution to the sustainability of Austria.