Regensburg Tourism Awarded Green Globe Recertification for Environmentally Friendly Commitment

Regensburg Tourism Awarded Green Globe Recertification for Environmentally Friendly Commitment
September 18, 2019 Bradley Cox

Regensburg Tourismus GmbH (RTG) is the official tourism organization of Regensburg. Founded in April 2005, the organization employs around 60 staff members supported by 100 certified tour guides who cater for tourists, local residents and customers of RTG.

Green Globe recently recertified Regensburg Tourism in the Business Category for the second consecutive year.

The tourism organization has been proactively committed to sustainability since its founding in 2005 and has been an exemplary role model. All events organized by RTG for the World Heritage City meet the strictest environmental requirements. The new Marina Forum Event and Conference Center, designed by RTG on the outskirts of the eastern city center of Regensburg, also enjoys a first-class reputation for its sustainable construction. The organisation aims to promote the sustainable development of tourism in Regensburg and to introduce new actions that will lead to further improvements in the future. For example, a more sensitive approach to problems of over tourism has resulted in the development of low-season offers in order to reduce tourist overcrowding at peak times.

Sustainability in the ecological, economic and social sense

Regensburg Tourismus GmbH considers more than environmental aspects in the context of sustainability. Rather, it is about addressing environmental, economic and social aspects in equal measure. Sabine Thiele, Managing Director of Regensburg Tourism, is pleased to have been honored with the world’s first Green Globe Certification and Performance Improvement Program, designed specifically for the travel and tourism industry.

“Green Globe’s second certification shows that we have set the right accents with our commitment. Our goal is to set a good example and to motivate our partners and guests to participate. At the same time, we plan and act whenever possible for the benefit of all stakeholders of RTG,” said Ms. Thiele.

Birte Besocke, COO at Green Globe is also enthusiastic about this commitment.
“The re-certification is proof of the efforts of Regensburg Tourismus GmbH, the topic of sustainability has been handled at all levels within the organization to implement diversity. Within the two years that RTG has been a Green Globe member, many initiatives have already been implemented that I was able to observe in person. We are therefore very excited about the forthcoming results for 2020, ” said Ms. Besocke.

Business travel is even greener

In order to pursue the goals in the best possible way, RTG created the position of Sustainability Advisor in 2011 with a focus on the management of event business. In addition to the ecological aspects, customers from the MICE segment should be introduced to the culture, tradition and history of the UNESCO World Heritage City.

They are introduced to the concept “traditional goes GREEN future”. For the Marina Forum, RTG is currently seeking the oldest and internationally most widely used certificate for climate-friendly construction: the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Based on the new tourism concept, which was passed in 2018, RTG is taking numerous other measures to promote sustainable tourism in a variety of ways. From an ecological point of view, RTG is committed to sustainable mobility for on-site travel and transport and strives for economic benefits. The tourism organization plans to incorporate even more regional products in kitchens and gastronomy in the future. From a social perspective, sustainable tourism development should continue to respect the identity of Regensburg citizens, improve their quality of life and secure young talent for the tourism industry.

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About Regensburg Tourismus GmbH
Regensburg Tourismus GmbH (RTG) is the official tourism organization of Regensburg. Founded in April 2005, today around 60 employees, supported by 100 certified tour guides, work for tourists, locals and customers of RTG. With the areas of Tourist Information, Visitor Center World Heritage, Programs and Arrangements, Event Management and Marketing, they have set themselves up professionally over the years. The RTG team works 365 days a year at Rathausplatz, in Wahlenstraße, in the Marina Forum Regensburg and in the Visitor Center in the Salzstadel on the Steinerne Brücke – right in the heart of the World Heritage, Regensburg’s old town.


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