Reflection of Tradition and Pride in Local Culture at Iberostar Hotels, Mexico

Reflection of Tradition and Pride in Local Culture at Iberostar Hotels, Mexico
April 19, 2017 Bradley Cox

 Through its facilities and decorations, the chain has shown its desire to incorporate the cultural essence of the places where it is present, highlighting the values ​​and boosting its local communities.

In order to preserve local cultures and their traditions, IBEROSTAR has sought to generate a positive impact in the regions where each of its hotels are located, with initiatives aimed at favoring and promoting development of communities. Through actions such as the donation of sheets, blankets, towels, mattresses, as well as other inputs that also enable the local economy to be activated and have direct and tangible benefits in local people’s lives.

In addition, through aspects such as decoration in its hotels, the chain pays a significant homage to the local cultures and has sought to transfer this essence in each of its properties. As a clear differentiator, without losing its identity and with special emphasis on innovation and good taste, the use of local designs and motifs allow visitors to enjoy unique vacation experiences

One of the hotels that stands out for its peculiar interior design, and which has honored the Huichol culture of its region, is the IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, located in Riviera Nayarit in the western part of Mexico.

This hotel reflects the work of Huichol craftsmen expressed in the unique design of furniture such as coffee tables, bars, benches and wooden stools made from fallen trees. The materials used in the construction of the hotel are 100% regional, among them stand stones, marbles and wood of perota, among others.

One of the great attractions in the decor of IBEROSTAR Playa Mita is the Cabeza de Jaguar, located in the lobby. The head of the Jaguar is made of fiberglass and covered with beads of chaquira, and measures 6.5 meters wide by 6.5 meters long and 6.5 meters high. For its construction more than 14 kilos of a special resin were used to glue the beads of chaquira, all made by a team of 6 people that took two months and a half to complete.

The head of the Jaguar is the largest piece ever made in Huichol art, including the most chaquira stones ever used in this type of manufacture. The artists responsible for the design and creation of the head of Jaguar belonging to the Wixarika tribe, also known as Huichol, originating from the Tatique community in Mextepic, Jalisco.

The IBEROSTAR Tucan and IBEROSTAR Quetzal hotels in the Mexican Caribbean are other examples of how the chain has combined colonial architecture in its facilities, achieving a unique environment for the enjoyment of its customers. An example of this is its stelae placed on the roads, alongside the gardens, replicas of the remains found in areas of Mayan ruins.

The extensive vegetation of the hotels enclose a series of Mayan elements that are discovered under the green areas that make up the hotel. All the pieces found throughout the complex are replicas inspired by the thrones of Palenque and Yaxchilán, areas located in Chiapas, Mexico. The beauty of each one of the pieces and the history behind them speaks to the traditional life of the Mayan culture.

“Those of us who collaborate in IBEROSTAR are very aware that maintaining local customs and traditions is very relevant to preserving the essence of the destination,” pointed out Rafael Carmona, Director of Operations of IBEROSTAR Mexico.

“The fact that our guests have the opportunity to recognize the beauty of our culture gives us great satisfaction. We are also pleased to continue contributing to the development of local communities and their people, who are a fundamental part of IBEROSTAR,” added Director Carmona.

In line with its philosophy of socially responsible business, the chain has promoted other programs to benefit the care and preserve the environment, such as beach cleaning, conservation and protection of sea turtles, recycling of garbage, reduction in consumption of water, use of recyclable and biodegradable products, as well as the restricting  the use of disposable products.

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