Red Frog Beach Island Resort Certified for its Sustainability in Panama

Red Frog Beach Island Resort Certified for its Sustainability in Panama
March 15, 2017 Bradley Cox

The Red Frog Beach Island Resort is the first resort in Panama to be Green Globe certified  for sustainable practices in the tourism industry

Green Globe, the world’s premier certification label for sustainable practices in the tourism industry, has announced that Red Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas del Toro has been certified for complying with an extensive list of over 340 criteria that address the categories of: sustainable management; social and economic elements; cultural heritage; and environmental practices.

Gustavo Him, Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), who oversees Panama’s growing tourism economy has emphasized that one of the keys to promoting Panama’s tourism internationally is focusing on environmental development. Red Frog Beach Island Resort has benefitted from Panama’s geographical attributes and attracts guests from around the world looking for a vacation destination that includes unique ecology and historic locations.

Oceans Group International, is the real-estate marketing, development, and construction firm behind Red Frog Beach Island Resort and when it took over the project in 2009, it altered the development to have a much greater focus on sustainability. Instead of building a golf course as originally planned, a canopy zipline was designed and the new group also allocated over 70% of the island property as a nature preserve that exists today and can be enjoyed by guests.

The Red Frog Beach Island Resort has been recognized for reforesting a large section of the island that was damaged due to cattle grazing. Ten years ago Isla Bastimentos had suffered a large amount of deforestation caused by cattle. Since that time, environmental controls were put in place that removed the cattle and corrected erosion problems. Oceans Group International is pleased to report that this area has been reforested and the native animal habitat has returned – there are more trees and vegetation on the resort today then before the development began!

Red Frog Beach Island Resort recently completed the installation and operation of a 193kw centralized solar power system, one of the largest island resort solar power plants in the world. This system provides over 332,000 kWh’s per year of sustainable, clean energy to Bocas Del Toro’s most upscale resort.  Installed on the roofs of logistics areas, these solar panels will provide over 22% of the Red Frog Beach current power needs and will be expanded as demand increases.

The Red Frog Foundation is an operating non-profit that is very active in community projects that promote self-help, environmental protection, cultural preservation and sustainable improvements in public education and health throughout the province of Bocas del Toro, Republic of Panama. The Foundation recently donated 22 computers to a local indigenous village and helped rebuild a school that had burned down.

Green Globe certification is unique because it comprehensively addresses components of how a tourism development not only treats natural resources, but also how the resort impacts the social fabric of local communities. Red Frog Beach is one of the largest employers in the region and has been instrumental in providing jobs and training to the local community on an ongoing basis.

Juan Farina, the resort’s director stated, “We are pleased to be certified by Green Globe and we are grateful to our guests, employees and Panama’s tourism community that values the importance of sustainability. We believe visitors, owners and investors here at our island resort experience something special in nature and we are committed to making sure the next generation of visitors have the same experience.”

Red Frog Beach Island Resort in Bocas del Toro is a successful real estate development and vacation destination in Panama. The 1520-acre resort on Isla Bastimentos borders the National Marine Park. The Resort pays homage to the rich heritage of biodiversity and ecosystem of the unique islands in Bocas del Toro.

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