QO Amsterdam: Sustainable Luxury in Sync with the Seasons

QO Amsterdam: Sustainable Luxury in Sync with the Seasons
September 9, 2020 Bradley Cox

QO Amsterdam combines the best of luxury and technology, service and sustainability. The hotel is saturated with the element of energy where you can feel energized, inspired and delighted.

First certified in 2019, Green Globe recently recertified QO Amsterdam for the second consecutive year.

QO’s impeccable vision integrating green practices with circular economic principles is outlined in its Sustainability Management Plan detailed on the hotel’s website.

Intelligent Facade

The exterior of the QO is one of the most visible elements of circularity that shapes the living building. Made up of a series of fully responsive thermal panels, it adapts and reacts to the climate outside the hotel, working as one or individually to control the temperature inside. Whether that’s creating extra insulation on cooler days or letting the sunshine flood in to create warmth, the hotel’s energy footprint is kept low by only using what is needed. When the room is vacant, the facade will respond to the conditions outside but when the room is occupied, guests are in control. The building breathes in tune with the seasons, and with you, to conserve energy – giving what’s needed and saving what’s not every hour of every day.

Thermal Aquifers

QO has implemented a climate control system for heating and cooling which also features a unique air purification system. Buried 70 metres below the ground is an underground energy storage system; a thermal aquifer that is typical of the way energy is used in the Netherlands. Put simply, this means taking heated water from the hotel in the summer when it is not needed and storing it underground until it is needed in cooler weather. Heat is then recovered by pumping water back out of the ground and into the hotel keeping the QO, and guests, at just the right temperature.

Conscious Consumption

The heart of the QO is Persijn, an all-day ground floor eatery built around the pioneering Dutch Cuisine movement. With a commitment to transparency and circularity, the hotel works together with suppliers and the community to source the best local, seasonal and sustainable produce. The provenance of all produce is known and celebrated through the creation of meals full of flavour, honesty and originality.

Dutch Cuisine is for everyone who wants to live and eat sustainably. Dutch farmers and gardeners provide delicious, fresh products every day so that healthy choices are made every season. With beautiful products grown in Dutch soil, the chefs of Dutch Cuisine prepare surprising, delicious dishes that also benefit the environment. In accordance with Dutch Cuisine principles, chefs cook according to the 80/20 principle. Vegetables play the leading role (80%) and a sustainable piece of meat or fish (20%). By adhering to this ratio, guests can be reassured that the delicious and healthy meals they enjoy have minimal environmental impacts.


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