Platinum For Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

Platinum For Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa
February 16, 2016 Bradley Cox

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is situated on Eagle Beach in Aruba, considered as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Stylish, newly renovated rooms offer peaceful views overlooking the azure ocean waters of the Caribbean or luscious green tropical gardens. Yoga and pilates classes are offered daily and there is also a state of the art fitness room for those in search of a unique wellness retreat.

The resort’s Vision & Mission statement focuses on continuous efforts to achieve higher customer and employee satisfaction, improved operational effectiveness, unique product improvements, sustainability and to provide an intimate and memorable vacation experience at a 4 Star Premium Level.

Green Globe has awarded its Platinum Certificate to Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa to mark the resort’s exceptional achievement of more than ten years continual certification. The resort also received a magnificent compliance score of 90% against accredited criteria.

Birte Besocke, Certification & Membership Manager at Green Globe said, “This year, we would like to congratulate Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa on being the first Green Globe Member in our company’s history to receive the Platinum Certificate. This is an outstanding success.”

Manchebo’s affiliation with Green Globe first commenced back in 2003 with Green Globe 21 when the resort acquired certification status. The boutique health conscious resort has been continuously and successfully certified “Gold” since 2007 thereby achieving the highest honour the Green Globe Certification program offers.

The completion of the yearly independent audit process demonstrates that Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa has a strong commitment to the principles of environmental and social sustainability. The resort has also continued to pass benchmarking against key environmental indicators including energy and water consumption, waste production and community commitment.

Exterior Manchebo SmlEnergy and water usage is regularly monitored in each department and reduction goals set. Monthly comparisons of data are based on occupancy rates and also include usage during special events and ongoing resort activities to account for abnormal peak periods. From this monitoring, corrections and improvements can be implemented to save resources. Overall, there has been a significant reduction in energy consumption due to the gradual changeover to LED lighting throughout the property, the use of air conditioning inverter units, the use of photocells and timers outdoors and the diligence of staff to reduce energy usage.

Water saving measures include the installation of low flow taps, faucets and aerators as well as dual flush toilets at the resort. Irrigation of the grounds revolves around the use of timers and, if hoses are used, staff ensure that watering is completed within designated time limits. An effective wastewater management plan is also in place. Grey water is captured in an underground tank controlled by timers and pumps to water gardens and areas around the spa, while black water goes to a separate outlet that is disposed of by a private contractor that handles septic services.

A number of initiatives have been implemented to reduce Manchebo’s environmental impact. Since 2014, waste and garbage at the property such as paper, plastic, and cans have been collected by Ecotech Aruba and converted into gas. Materials that cannot be processed go through a segregation process and are disposed of by the company. In addition, as part of its reuse and recycle policy, organic waste is picked up by local farmers to use as compost. And kitchen oil is collected by Biofuel, a local company, and exported for recycling.

The property’s goal is to make the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa a leading independent luxury boutique resort in the Caribbean. And the focus for sustainability for Manchebo remains, “To preserve a safe and healthy environment for the island of Aruba, its people and visiting guests.”



Lidia Halley
Environmental Co-ordinator
Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa
J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 55
Eagle Beach
phone (297) 522- 3444
direct (297) 522- 3434
fax (297) 583- 3589