Pimalai is now the first Green Globe Resort on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Pimalai is now the first Green Globe Resort on Koh Lanta, Thailand
March 28, 2017 Bradley Cox

Fall asleep to the whispers of the waves and wake up each morning to nature’s calming breeze. Away from the traffic and vendors, the sun, sea, and sky is all yours. It’s the reason Pimalai is Koh Lanta’s best kept secret, one that’s just too tempting not to share.

With 100 acres of tropical vegetation, direct access to 900 meters of pristine sandy beach, Pimalai brings you the closest you will ever be to nature’s glorious splendor. Located away from other resorts and the hectic buzz of tourism on Koh Lanta, guests are free to relax and rejuvenate in their rooms and villas, right within the heart of nature. With the completion of a recent on-site audit inspection, Pimalai is now the first Green Globe resort on Koh Lanta.

Pimalai is centered around the belief that success as a leading resort in Thailand is grounded in preserving a safe and healthy environment for Koh Lanta, its people and visiting guests. As such, every detail from its location, to the construction of the resort facilities, was planned and executed with the goal of complementing, not competing with the original environment. The resort stays true to this belief so that they may always offer guests natural comfort and solace from the hustle and bustle of life. Their purpose, value and conduct is demonstrated each day through world class service, ethical business practises, the commitment to employees and Thai culture.

General Manager Franck De Lestapis

Pimalai General Manager Franck De Lestapis said, “We are very proud to have been recognised with the award of a Green Globe certificate. Green mission is part of Pimalai’s core values and culture…it is “The Pimalai Way.” This includes a focus on key themes to support the economics, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability for the community and stakeholders alike.

“It is in order to keep Koh Lanta a secret sanctuary and enable Pimalai and Koh Lanta to grow together healthily. This award could not have been achieved without the full support from all Pimalai staff and stakeholders,” added General Manager De Lestapis.

Pimalai has put together a Green Committee which consists of the heads of all departments. The Committee has formulated a 5 years sustainability plan emphasising our commitment on economic, environmental and social aspects together with a robust measurement method. Every two months meetings are held with the General Manager to evaluate achievements, improvements, and opportunities and recommend suitable advances.

Key initiatives taken to significantly lower energy consumption include converting light bulbs to LED, replacing inefficient motors and boilers with new ones and reorganisation of the transportation schedule within the resort and resort guest transfer.

With regard to water consumption, new water meters have been installed and major savings in water consumption have been realised.

For years now, Pimalai has been on the forefront of sustainable tourism development and corporate social responsibility. Included, of course, is the successful annual clownfish rehabilitation program that has taken place over the past 14 years in the nearby Koh Haa archipelago.

The resort is now embarking on an exciting new conservation initiative under the name of “Pimalai Coral Propagation” where Pimalai will be working closely with the Koh Lanta and Trang National Park authorities to ensure that this project is successful and can be a role model to propagate coral in other regions of Thailand. The coral propagation is a process that consists of introducing and distributing coral genes in areas previously devastated by human development or by adverse environmental conditions.

In early December, Pimalai welcomed Mr. Annuar Abdullah, the director and founder of Ocean Quest. His visit coincided with the announcement of the establishment of a Coral Propagation project. On that occasion, he trained interested divers from various Koh Lanta based dive centers and the Koh Lanta National Park rangers on how to propagate coral. The beautiful Koh Haa archipelago was once again selected as the most suitable site to house the project.

Mr. Abdullah returned on March 18th, 2017 to monitor the evolution at the underwater nursery and to continue further coral propagation. The project aims to generate interest among the participants to improve awareness of the importance of sustainable and healthier coral reefs. The creation of self-sustaining, naturally growing habitats that are favorable for all marine life can also benefit local communities by providing better fishing grounds as well as providing jobs in the local travel industry.

Pimalai also supports various local community’s efforts to protect the environment and improve the standard of living. The resort has built a kindergarten room in a local school and provided suitable learning materials. They have regularly supported Lanta National Park’s initiative participating in activities that educate young students from the local community in environmental protection and involve them in installing boat parking buoys in surrounding islands, underwater cleaning and reforestation. Pimalai has also donated funds to a local animal welfare agency, schools and provided a local temple with meals at special events such as children’s day.


About Pimalai, Koh Lanta, Thailand

The name “Pimalai’ is a derivation of the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and translates, appropriately, as  “A little patch of Heaven”. Pimalai brings a different kind of luxury; “the luxury of being in a unique and exclusive environment, without all the fuss that goes with it”; “The luxury of experiencing an off of the beaten track destination”; finally “the luxury of being pampered by local island people who have retained their uniquely genuine & friendly way, not only performing their duties, but bringing that little extra that makes the difference”.

Peace, Serenity, Solitude….. These are the words that come to mind for Pimalai. Add to that elegance, natural surroundings and genuine friendly service. Be it for a honeymoon or a break from it all, Pimalai nestled in a lush tropical forest, is the destination to set your sights on. The resort combines all the right ingredients – subtle five star comfort, natural beauty, far from the crowds, with no noise except the sound of the waves sliding in and out and slowly breaking onto a pristine sandy shore. www.pimalai.com