Parque del Aqua, Celebrates Health and Nature in an Urban Environment

Parque del Aqua, Celebrates Health and Nature in an Urban Environment
February 8, 2017 Bradley Cox

Parque del Aqua, Luis Buñuel, is a 120 hectare green space set aside for the enjoyment of the people of Zaragoza, Spain. Formally the site of Expo 2008, Parque del Aqua is renowned for its mix of nature-based activities, urban gardens and conservation efforts.

Green Globe is proud to once again award certification to Parque de Aqua with Park Director, Alberto Ipas saying, “Thanks to Green Globe and onsite auditor Daniel Frey who always help us to improve our park and provide ideas to help the environment.”

Along with an adventure park, beaches, and golf area, the park provides a world class running venue in the middle of this busy city. Health enthusiasts make daily use of the 5km and 10km running circuits and the park hosts the Zaragoza Marathon.

Having large parklands to manage means taking care of a lot of grass. Parque del Agua, has adopted a unique and natural solution by introducing flocks of sheep four times a year. The sheep replace machinery, keeping the grass down in the wild sections of the park, and do a good job of fertilizing these fields. For many city dwellers, the sheep are also a real attraction.

Horses are another animal attraction on offer at Parque del Aqua. The Equestrian Center provides park-goers the chance to enjoy horse riding as well as offering therapeutic interactions for special needs children. Money raised by these activities is used to pay rent back to the park.

Parque del Aqua is also a big promoter of ornithology and has built a number of installations on its Bird Island to assist in the conservation of protected bird species. Bird Island is a major attraction for the city’s serious birdwatchers and also hosts ecological education sessions and volunteer activities including building birdhouses.

For more information about Parque del Aqua’ innovations visit World Urban Parks

About Parque del Agua Luis Buñuel, Zaragoza

Parque del Agua is located in the city of Zaragoza overlooking the Ebro River in the Aragon region of Spain. The park is a unique natural setting where local residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of sports, cultural, and recreational activities. Sustainable development is an integral concept of Parque del Agua where tenant selection is determined by their contribution to not only improve the property’s environmental impact but also ensure its financial viability.

About Green Globe Certification

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