Parkhotel Den Haag where Green Trends are Hip

Parkhotel Den Haag where Green Trends are Hip
October 30, 2018 Bradley Cox

Located next to the Royal Palace Noordeinde and adjacent to the Palace Gardens, Parkhotel Den Haag combines the historic charm of a bygone era with the contemporary needs of a modern hotel. The hotel is ideally situated in the center of The Hague in the bustling Hofkwartier district.

Green Globe recently recertified the Parkhotel den Haag.

Parkhotel Den Haag’s comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan is outlined in detail on its hotel website. The hotel has its own dedicated Green Team comprised of management and department heads. Since the very first Green Globe Certification, Meep Ohr, the hotel’s Certification Officer and Ronald Pronk, Environmental Officer, have continued to take a leading role in devising and implementing green initiatives as well as any improvements to be made. All employees receive ongoing sustainability training to meet environmental benchmarks and are given opportunities to present new ideas that will improve the property’s overall performance.

The lobby has been renovated and all lights in the lobby are LED to save energy. Office computers, printers, screens and laptops are all energy star rated equipment.
Water saving measures including low flow water faucets are installed where possible. The property also has its own cardboard baler that assists in the waste sorting and recycling process.

Delicious dishes served at meal times feature local, seasonal, organic produce including meat from van der Burg en Bol in The Hague, fish and eggs sourced from local poultry farms. Special menus using Dutch ingredients are also created for Green meetings, conferences and events held at the five function rooms, each reflecting its own distinctive character.

Parkhotel Den Haag pursues an environmentally friendly purchasing policy and works with suppliers who share the same values. Retired linen, towels and bedspreads are returned to Blycolin, the hotel’s supplier, who determines whether items can be given to charity or discarded. In previous years, old bedspreads from the hotel have been donated to the Salvation Army and distributed to those in need in the community.

The hotel supports various charitable causes throughout the year including catering for the Kessler Foundation’s Easter & Christmas dinners for homeless people, a Christmas event for families (Stichting Leergeld) and Christmas dinner at Mantelkring Den Haag Centrum. The property also provided accommodation during a Cystic Fibrosis Beach event held in June 2017.