Parkhotel Den Haag: A Heart of Gold in Den Haag Community

Parkhotel Den Haag: A Heart of Gold in Den Haag Community
November 16, 2016 Bradley Cox

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most socially and environmentally progressive countries and demands all its businesses to make a substantial commitment to sustainability. Located in the renowned home of international justice, Parkhotel Den Haag has dedicated its property, and its team, to being contributors and leaders in their community. For five years the hotel has also been audited and certified to the Green Globe’s international standard for travel and tourism. This continuous contribution to better business and greater social development has now been awarded Green Globe Gold Membership.

tuin-5General Manager Olaf Scheffers has been an active spokesman on external events and Parkhotel Den Haag’s ambassador for the local community. On achieving Gold Membership, Mr Scheffers said, “The continuous and active contribution of employees and suppliers, along with the support of Green Globe and greater guest awareness, has delivered the hotel an opportunity to be an inspiration for the local community and makes us all proud to be a leading example for the hospitality industry. The certification is real evidence that even older properties (opened 1912) are able to meet today’s sustainability standards. Commercially, Green Globe certification is in line with the demands of corporate multinationals toward their hotel partners. Gold Membership is evidence of the successes of the ongoing awareness and contribution of all employees of Parkhotel Den Haag, both personally and at work as well as in society.”

garden-room-3Parkhotel Den Haag has made significant investments in reduction of greenhouses gases with the renewal of its entire central heating system boilers in 2013. This initiative resulted in a major reduction of 22% in gas consumption. On a daily basis gas and electricity usage is monitored for better performance. And hotel rooms are equipped with energy saving technology preventing unnecessary use of lightning or cooling when the room is not in use.

To further lower its environmental footprint, Parkhotel Den Haag analyses its waste streams on a monthly basis, checking the amount and type of waste being produced. Through careful management the hotel has achieved a 9% annual saving in the total weight of waste being generated.

Water usage is analysed on a daily basis. Low-flow reducers on faucets in hotel rooms and public facilities have contributed to an 11% reduction in total water usage. Hotel guests also support greater water saving by electing to have towels and linen changed on request, or every four days, rather than on a daily basis.

lounge-eveningParkhotel Den Haag prides itself on being an active community partner. For many years now, Parkhotel Den Haag has arranged Christmas events for homeless people as well as an annual Christmas party for the children of Leergeld. The hotel also provides material support to the local community donating hotel goods, such as linen and towels, which can be used rather than being thrown away.

The hotel also assists a variety of organisations contributing to the lives of people in Den Haag. Local charity partners who receive ongoing support from the hotel include: The Kessler Stichting (Foundation) Den Haag supporting disadvantaged people, particularly homeless people who require care and guidance; The Stichting (Foundation) Leergeld Den Haag, providing care for children aged 4 to 18 years from families with low incomes; Haagse Uitdaging (The Hague Challenge) building bridges between private enterprise and governmental organizations and connecting entrepreneurs’ generosity to social initiatives in the city; and Pep Den Haag who advise and train volunteer groups to make them more professional and coach businesses who are looking to make a bigger socially contribution.

About Parkhotel Den Haag
Parkhotel Den Haag is a unique four-star hotel situated in the middle of the “Hofkwartier” nearby the Great Church, adjacent to the Palace Gardens and Palace Noordeinde. Since early in the 20th century, the hotel has been the perfect place for successful meetings and business relations, or a luxurious stay after a day of shopping, and is also a well renowned wedding location. As soon as you step into Parkhotel Den Haag, you will experience a surprising oasis of calm. Parkhotel Den Haag’s meets the demands of sustainable travel and green meetings; please see the hotel’s Sustainability Management Plan.

About Green Globe Certification
Green Globe is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe is based in California, USA and is represented in over 83 countries.  Green Globe is an Affiliate Member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). For information, please visit

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