Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam: New Trends at an Iconic Hotel

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam: New Trends at an Iconic Hotel
January 14, 2020 Bradley Cox

A clever combination of antique and modern, Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam boasts historic architecture and contemporary accommodation in the city centre, just a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

First certified in 2018, the Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam was recertified by Green Globe at the end of last year after undergoing a stringent audit.

The hotel is committed to improving its sustainable performance with numerous changes introduced over the past year.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s city centre, Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam offers modern meeting rooms with high tech extras including a Barrisol coloured lighted ceiling. Green Meetings are a sustainable option at the hotel where plants such as cactuses and succulents that require little watering are utilized to adorn tables. For any printed material, eco/draft, double sided settings are selected on printers and eco-labelled FSC paper is preferred. Recycle bins and video conferencing are also available in meeting rooms.

In line with its CSR initiatives, in June 2019, the hotel’s popular bar created a special Mint and Lime Tree Cocktail. For every refreshing green cocktail sold, €4 was donated in support of the World Childhood Foundation and the Nottinghampshire Wildlife Trust.

The hotel is dedicated to ensuring that no endangered species or products stemming from unsustainable practices are consumed or sold at its restaurant. In 2019, the chef removed both eel and codfish from the menu and will replace them with sustainable alternatives. It is through such decisive actions that wildlife species, ecosystems and biodiversity are conserved.

To minimize impacts and reduce waste, paperless check-ins are now a standard procedure as is a linen and towel reuse program where guests can choose to launder items less frequently. Drinking straws, which are biodegradable, are only available on request and more environmentally friendly cleaning products are also being gradually incorporated into housekeeping cleaning services.