Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa: Luxury Island Resort Recertified

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa: Luxury Island Resort Recertified
August 22, 2018 Bradley Cox

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is located in North Huvadhoo, one of the largest natural atolls in the world, with natural white beach, an azure lagoon and a 360° house reef.

Green Globe recently recertified the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, reinforcing their Gold status.

Pravin Kumar, General Manager at the resort said, “An environmental and socially sustainable culture has always been an integral part of the resort’s daily operations since the very beginning. While we provide guests with a barefoot luxury holiday experience, we also acknowledge that our presence leaves a footprint which we will continue striving to minimize in order to sustain and preserve this place that we call home.”

Resource management is a key consideration at Park Hyatt Maldives Hadaha. Water, electricity and fuel usage is monitored daily. Heat produced from generators warms hot water for use around the property rather than relying on conventional boilers. This reduces fuel and energy consumption significantly as well as associated expenses. Ocean water is utilized to cool outdoor air-conditioning units further reducing energy consumption while rainwater harvesting and gray water recycling is deployed for toilet flush systems and irrigation.

The resort continues to focus on sourcing products locally and to date, conducts business with up to 70% of sustainable food and beverage suppliers. Eco-wood made of long lasting compressed bamboo is also utilized for replacement decking at the property.

As part of its waste management initiatives, plastic mineral water bottles have been replaced with glass bottles for both guests and staff thereby saving 120,000 plastic bottles each year. Food is packed in bento boxes for excursions instead of plastic containers. In bathrooms, reusable ceramic bottle amenities feature in place of disposable mini plastic bottles. Since 2015, plastic straws have been replaced with paper ones.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa has instigated collective action within the region to combat ecological pollution. In collaboration with an international non-profit organization, the resort has arranged for its dhoni (traditional Maldivian boats) to collect plastics from participating islands in North Huvadhoo – Dhandoo, Kondey, Nilandhoo and Gemanafushi on a bi-weekly basis. The collected plastics are then shipped via the resort’s supply dhoni to Male and onward to the city’s plastic collection point.

Environmental protection is fundamental to daily existence at this natural retreat. In 2016, the Dive and Activity Center – Blue Journeys, was awarded the PADI Green Star™ for their efforts in green business practices and supporting responsible conservation. The PADI Green Star™ award recognizes dive centers and resorts that are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and conservation of the diving industry. It identifies businesses that actively protect and care for the environment via initiatives such as energy-friendly transportation practices, use of sustainable materials, conservation leadership, water conservation and responsible energy use.

The resort’s dedicated Green Team also plays an important role in maintaining sustainability standards. Coral reef monitoring is conducted monthly to evaluate the reef’s condition and recovery, especially after bleaching events. The Team also conducts monthly house reef, beach and island clean ups. During Traditional Maldivian Fishing Trips offered by the resort, fish that do not meet the minimum length or are a protected species are released to ensure fish stock numbers are replenished. To protect and sustain the pristine waters and corals surrounding the island, motorized water sports are not permitted.

As part of its CSR program, each year the resort runs its Global Month of Service, an annual program whereby the resort can reach out and engage with the community. Activities are aimed to support one of the Hyatt Thrive pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Economic Development & Investment, Education & Personal Advancement and Health & Wellness.

Talks and workshops are organized for students to increase awareness about the importance and significance of protecting the coral reefs and the ocean. The Hyatt Thrive team is working with a local organization that launched a reef project to educate local school children about the coral reef ecosystems that exist on their doorstep.

Mr Kumar added, “As tourism is the nation’s main revenue generation industry, it is also our hope to cultivate an interest and passion for hospitality among school children. Twice a year, we invite between 4 to 6 neighboring schools to visit the resort. The children are then introduced to Hyatt when on the island, and what we stand for as a brand and as a resort here in the Maldives.”


Ann Lam
Marketing Manager
Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa
North Huvadhoo (Gaafu Alifu) Atoll
phone +960 682 1234