Park Hotel Den Haag Embraces Digital Communication

Park Hotel Den Haag Embraces Digital Communication
July 17, 2019 Bradley Cox

Located in the middle of The Hague’s Hofkwartier near the Great Church, Palace Gardens and Palace Noordeinde, Park Hotel Den Haag is a perfect oasis of calm in the middle of it all. Since the early 20th century, this hotel has been a destination for luxurious stays, business meetings and grand events.

Green Globe recently recertified the Park Hotel Den Haag.

Meep Ohr, Front Office Manager at the hotel said, “All of the team are very pleased to have been awarded Green Globe Certification once more. Since we were first certified in 2012 much has happened and much more will happen in the future especially with our upcoming renovations.”

Park Hotel Den Haag is proud of its many sustainable achievements completed over the past year.

As part of its communication strategy, Park Hotel Den Haag has been been working with Hotelkit, an internal communication system that has been implemented throughout the property and connects with other individual hotels. Use of the new digital system has reduced overall paper consumption by at least 50%. Previously separate reports were managed in Word or Excel programs, now all information including the hotel’s Sustainability Management Plan is digitally stored in the Hotelkit program and paper for printouts is no longer required. Another major cut in paper usage has occurred in the Reservations Department where all booking confirmations are now stored in the Cloud.

Waste management remains an ongoing concern for the majority of hotels worldwide. This year Park Hotel Den Haag started working with Green waste, a third party that controls and monitors the property’s waste streams. The company advises Park Hotel Den Haag on better sustainable ways of operating its waste streams.

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The hotel’s CSR Vision and Social and Environmental Commitments can be viewed here.


Meep Ohr
Front Office Manager
Molenstraat 53
Den Haag
2513 BJ
T: +31 (0)70 362 43 71