Parc Le Pal Celebrates 10 Years of Green Globe Certification

Parc Le Pal Celebrates 10 Years of Green Globe Certification
January 22, 2020 Bradley Cox

Parc Le Pal is the only park in France that combines park attractions with animals and accommodation. Le PAL offers 30 attractions, 900 animals, animal shows and educational presentations on a 50-hectare natural site.

Green Globe awarded Platinum status to Parc Le Pal at the end of last year marking a decade of certification at the Park.

Guillaume Picard, Head of Education and Entertainment at Parc Le Pal explains the meaning of this landmark event for Le PAL and highlights some of the happy celebrations with a ‘green’ twist that were held.

For the tenth consecutive year, Parc Le PAL located in France in the Allier region is very proud to celebrate its Green Globe certification!

Over ten years our employees have invested great time and effort into supporting sustainability objectives and each year they challenge themselves to always try to progress and improve Parc Le Pal’s performance as a whole.

Last December the Sustainability Department came up with a few little events to celebrate our new Green Globe Platinum Status.

We organized the “PALYMPIADES”, a fun competition enjoyed by our staff where we reviewed our knowledge of different types of waste and their possible future directions. Teams were chosen to represent our corporate departments consisting of 2 technicians, 3 zookeepers, 3 office workers and 3 green technicians.

The challenge was simple, to carry out 6 tests in record time.

First several waste items had to be classified according to their degradation time.

Then, members had to recognize recyclable waste that the items had been transformed into.

In the third test, everyone was challenged to suggest sustainable alternatives for various disposable everyday objects.

The fourth test was very funny, we had to wrap gifts (especially popular during the Festive period) using the Furoshiki method, the Japanese cultural tradition of gift wrapping and packaging items using fabric. The fabric can be reused countless times.

In test five, two people were paired up, blindfolded and guided by a third person along an obstacle course that ran through part of the Park. The pair had to avoid events that threaten animals in their natural environment (pollution, poaching, deforestation) represented on the course by a series of tables and ropes.

Finally, the last most physical test, a wheelbarrow race during which we had to collect waste from the ground and then dispose of it in the correct sorting bin.

After completion of all the tests, the teams gathered around to enjoy zero waste fruit juices and cakes prepared by a group of disabled adults from the Medico-educational institute of La Clarté who work with unsold products from supermarkets.

At Le PAL, the Green Globe approach may not be all perfect, but the teams are invested and ready to continue efforts for the next ten years.


Guillaume PICARD,
Head of Education and Entertainment
Parc Le Pal
Route du Pal
Dompierre Sur Besbre, 03290
P: +33 470426810