Parc Le PAL: A Responsible Company Committed to the Environment

Parc Le PAL: A Responsible Company Committed to the Environment
February 10, 2021 Bradley Cox

Parc Le PAL is a responsible company, concerned with reducing the impact of its activity on the environment. In 2007, Le PAL embarked on a sustainable development approach with the amusement park successfully obtaining one of the most recognized sustainable tourism certifications in the world – the Green Globe label.

Green Globe recently recertified Parc Le PAL for the eleventh year. Last year the property was awarded Platinum Status marking a decade of certification.

Le PAL continues to adhere to a comprehensive sustainability plan that covers stringent green management practices and measures across the entire property. The Park’s sustainability accomplishments are wide ranging.

Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

In 2019, Le PAL in partnership with ÉcoMégot launched an innovative cigarette butt recycling program. Cigarette butts are collected at ashtrays located around the park and are recycled and reused as fuel to power the ovens of local cement factories thus replacing fossil fuels.

In 2019 alone, 700 000 cigarette butts were collected, equivalent to the weight of Taru, Le PAL’s 120 kg male Sumatran tiger. Rather than the discarded cigarette butts ending up in waterways and marine environments, this recycling solution has saved 352 million liters of water, equal to 140 Olympic swimming pools, from toxic waste pollution and contamination.

Le PAL’s waste management strategy also includes the recycling of oils used for frying food to produce biodiesel fuels. And with over 700 animals including white rhinos, giraffe and elephants living at the park, animal manure is collected daily and added to compost to fertilize plantations at the property.

Treading Lightly

To reduce plastic waste, biodegradable take away dishes are used while reusable drink bottles are given to employees in place of single use plastic bottles. Furthermore, recycled paper and vegetable inks are used for printing purposes to minimize impacts, and cleaning products are natural and eco-certified.

Eco-friendly Practices

At Le PAL, rainwater is recovered to optimise the use of natural resources and save water. In addition, to protect human, animal or plant life from the ill effects of chemical pesticides, all weeding of the grounds is either done manually or phytosanitary products are used.

Restaurants and eateries prefer local seasonal fruits and vegetables for meals, desserts and drinks. Sourcing local produce helps stimulate economic activity and support biodiversity in the region.


Guillaume Picard,
Head of Education and Entertainment
Parc Le PAL
Route du Pal
Dompierre Sur Besbre, 03290
P: +33 470426810