Parc Le Bournat Awarded First Green Globe Certification

Parc Le Bournat Awarded First Green Globe Certification
August 18, 2016 Bradley Cox

Parc Le Bournat is a French museum created in 1992 at the initiative of Jean Paul Souriau in the Périgord Black region. The area is renowned for its ancient archaelogical sites and its beautiful, unspoiled nature. A seven-hectare 1900s Périgord town has been recreated at the park and includes the reconstruction of public buildings including schools, post office, chapel and laundry. Local artisans demonstrate their skills at the baker’s wood oven and wind flour mill, while craftspeople showcase pottery, photography and wheat-stalk weaving.

Green Globe congratulates Parc Le Bournat on its first certification and commendable 78% compliance score.

grande roue small Nicolas Hesloin, Spokesperson for Green Globe at Parc Le Bournat said, “Beyond a simple ecolabel, Green Globe initiatives represent a philosophy. This périgourdin territory has been occupied continuously for 450,000 years and was where the common ancestor of mankind – Cro-Magnon was found. The remains of Cro-Magnon man were first discovered in the village of Eyzies in 1868, 10 km away from our park. In this territory known and recognized for the quality of its landscapes and its incomparable heritage, engaging environmental and sustainable development and responsible tourism appear as a natural and inevitable path for the future of Bournat Park whose core values are the transmission of knowledge, culture and heritage of the Perigord.”

In line with reducing energy usage, the property replaced 600 incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. By the first quarter of 2016, electricity consumption had decreased by 5% as compared to 2015. There are plans to replace an additional 200 bulbs by the end of the year.

Between 2011 and 2015, water consumption dropped by 50% from 6500 to 3250 m3 per year, an average decrease of 650 m3 per year despite an increase in park attendances of 10%. This performance is the result of regular monitoring of water usage, a preventative maintenance program that includes a systematic search for leaks, staff awareness of energy management and a series of amenities designed to save water such as dual flush buttons in toilets and reducing water flushing from 10 to 5 liters.

boat smlParc Le Bournat’s purchasing policy prefers community businesses and suppliers in the Périgord -Dordogne area. Over 80% of ingredients used in kitchens are local produce and transported within an area of less than 40 kms. Over 50% of products offered in stores are manufactured in Périgord and more than 80% are made in France. These choices support local development while reducing greenhouse effects by limiting carbon emissions.

There are also excellent initiatives for biodiversity conservation that take eco-systems and surrounding landscapes into consideration. Limited use of pesticides reflect a real sensitivity by the staff toward the maintenance of green spaces and preserving the natural environment.

Barque SmallLaurent Delbos, Director at Parc Le Bournat explains, “In 2014 we undertook the rehabilitation of a natural environment on the edge of the park. The former marsh that stretches over 5 hectares was completely closed and became inaccessible as it was covered with invasive vegetation. Over 2 years we unclogged channels to allow water to pass, cleared islets, identified remarkable trees and consolidated the banks. Finally, we created passages for pedestrians and built bridges and a boat pier.

“To maintain the premises, keeping animals at natural areas such as Higland castle were added. The wildlife naturally reclaimed their usual habitats. Today this space can be visited in traditional boats of the Dordogne area on a course 900 metres long that winds among islands and wildlife which has reasserted itself,” added Mr Delbos.

Finally, Le Bournat Parc has an active employment policy. Between 2013 and 2016 employee numbers increased from 7 to 12 CDI (Contrat à durée indéterminée – full-time permanent contract), an increase of 71%. There was also an increase in numbers of employees from 47 to 59 CDD, a 25% increase in CDD (Contrat à durée déterminée – fixed term or temporary contract). In 2013, in regards to jobs at the property, there were 27 ETPs (one year employment contract) and 38 ETPs in 2016 an increase of 40%.


Nicolas Hesloin
Spokesperson for Green Globe
Sa De La Ferme Du Bournat
Allee Paul-Jean Souriau
Le Bugue 24260
phone 05 53 08 41 99
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