Parc de Branfere in France impresses with Innovative Ecological Concept

Parc de Branfere in France impresses with Innovative Ecological Concept
April 1, 2013 Arton Kabashi

March 28, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

Green Globe announces certification of Parc de Branfere in Morbihan, Brittany, in France. This unique Wildlife and Botanical Park impresses with an innovative ecological concept, based on the idea of total freedom for animals in a park. Since its opening to the public in 1965 the park has been respecting and developing this concept, demonstrating corporate social responsibility and environmental preservation.

“Joining Green Globe and earning certification supports our vision of sustainable development,” said Brendan Laouenan, Director at Parc de Branfere. “For years we have been actively involved in eco-tourism and sustainable recreation on various levels. Working with Green Globe gives us the opportunity to develop an action plan to achieve green excellence.”
“I am very proud to see how the green philosophy has grown to be a core value to this business,” adds Marion Riviere, Consultant with Francois Tourisme, assisting Parc de Branfere in moving towards sustainable management. “It was great to work with such motivated people.”

A long-term sustainability management system is in effect at Parc de Branfere, and all employees benefit from regular training sessions and education on the company’s environmental and sustainability initiatives. Parc de Branfere is committed to improving respect for nature through a social, economic, cultural and environmental approach: conservation of endangered species, activities to increase awareness and respect for biodiversity, green purchasing, fair trade, organic catering, waste sorting, energy and water saving.

The beauty of the park, its botanic richness, and its animal collection, make it a place of wonder and emotion, encouraging visitors to discover, understand and respect nature. This ‘Place of Wonder’ supports numerous conservation programs for protected species, such as the Maki Catta, Niger Giraffe, Siamang, Black-headed Squirrel Monkey, Maned Wolf, Red Panda, Stanley Crane, Brazilian Tapir, Scimitar horned Oryx, Pygmy Hippo, Sika Deer, White-bearded Gibbon, Greater Kudu, Marabou Stork, and many more

About Parc de Branfere

Since its opening in 1965, Parc de Branfere has developed a world in compliance with the spirits of its founders Paul and Helene Jourde: Harmony of nature and animal well-being. This unusual place has nothing in common with traditional zoological gardens – visitors enter a universe where nature reclaimed its rights. Parc Branfere houses over 1,000 animals from five continents. The Branfere Center includes a wildlife and botanic park – the field of observation and wonder, an environmental education center – the Nicolas Hulot School, and the Parcabout – an aerial and entertaining trail. Visitors can travel into the very heart of nature and meet the animal world in a landscaped garden. Animal feeding, bird shows, guided tours and nature activities with the eco-guides are available.

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About Francois Tourisme Consultants
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Francois Tourisme Consultants

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