Ortenia – Apartments in Nature: Boutique Eco-resort in Slovenia

Ortenia – Apartments in Nature: Boutique Eco-resort in Slovenia
March 4, 2020 Bradley Cox

Ortenia – Apartments in Nature is nestled in the heart of the Slovenian thermal area just under the hill of the majestic Medieval Podčetrtek castle.

Green Globe recertified Ortenia – Apartments in Nature  in January this year.

Each of the six boutique eco-apartments blend seamlessly into the scenic landscape. Natural materials were used in the construction of the award-winning apartments. The facades, clad in wood, are designed to allow buildings to breathe and insulation material inside walls is cellulose fibre fixed with natural sealing agents.

Careful consideration was given to minimize impacts and use available resources efficiently . The property utilizes water drawn from an onsite well and rainwater is used for flushing toilets. Energy saving measures include LED lighting, key cards that automatically switch off electricity once rooms are vacated and adjusting temperature settings in accordance with seasonal variations. In-house training is conducted for staff members on the importance of best practices that include waste separation procedures and management of organic waste.

The resort is located in the region of Natura 2000 and Kozjanski Park, one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia that is home to diverse plant and animal species. As an eco-resort Ortenia aims to support conservation of the surrounding environment and regional biodiversity. Outdoor surfaces, with the exception of the parking area, are green and planted with grass and native vegetation such as lovorikovec (laurel) and javor (maple).

To support regional development, Ortenia – Apartments in Nature has incorporated local woodwork, carvings and clay plaster in its architectural and décor design. In addition, herbal teas, local chocolate and traditional handmade products are sourced from certified suppliers located within a 20km radius of the property.