Ocean Club Resorts Awarded First Certifications in Turks and Caicos

Ocean Club Resorts Awarded First Certifications in Turks and Caicos
August 19, 2020 Bradley Cox

Ocean Club Resorts in Turks and Caicos consists of two resorts located within minutes from each other and situated directly on the immaculate, white-sand Grace Bay Beach, regarded as one of the best beaches in the world. Guests can enjoy all the unique experiences, dining delights and superb amenities that both the Ocean Club and Ocean Club West resorts have to offer because when you’re a guest at one, you’re a guest at both.

Green Globe recently awarded Ocean Club Resorts their inaugural certifications in acknowledgement of their sustainable management and operations.

Green Strategies

The properties work in collaboration with other green facilities and organisations in addressing the national policy framework for environmental and sustainability initiatives.

Energy saving measures include the effective usage of sensor lighting in outdoor areas and in parking lots along with energy efficient equipment in facilities and appliances in condominiums.

Filtered water dispensers are available in key areas around the property to reduce the use of single use plastic bottles. To further reduce plastic consumption, biodegradable and reusable burlap bags made of natural fibres are offered to guests to shop with while brown paper bags are used in Front Office areas instead of plastic bags. Paper products are generally compliant with recycled content. Green Heritage Toilet Paper (recycled paper) is offered in public area bathrooms.

Nature Based Programs

Environmental activities are on offer to visitors interested in learning more about the beautiful natural surrounds and ways to protect it. The resorts work with boys from local elementary schools on various projects to instil values within them about the preservation of the environment. Guests are also invited to take part in environmental Scavenger hunts and kids can complete the Seafari self-guided exploration game where they are given a fun kit and guidebook to learn about the native plants and animals at the Ocean Club.

Pack for a Purpose

Both the Ocean Club and Ocean Club West Resorts support the Pack for a Purpose program that assists the local Turks and Caicos school community. This ongoing initiative assists 500 students at Oseta Jolly Primary, Eliza Simons Primary, Adelaide Oemler Primary, Iris Stubbs Primary, and Mary Robinson Primary Schools. High schools include H J Robinson High School, Raymond Gardiner High school, and Marjorie Basden High School with over 600 students aged in their teens. Guests are asked to donate much needed school supplies or equipment for the children and medical supplies for community health clinics.

For further information about the resorts see www.oceanclubresorts.com