Occidental Costa Cancún Awarded First Green Globe Certificate

Occidental Costa Cancún Awarded First Green Globe Certificate
September 18, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently awarded the Occidental Costa Cancún its first certificate in acknowledgement of its commitment to sustainable management and operations.

The Occidental Costa Cancún is a 4-star hotel within the Barceló Hotel Group. The property combines exclusivity and comfort in Cancun – a sunlit Caribbean paradise with crystal-clear waters and white sands. The Occidental Costa Cancún is exemplary with its quality and extensive Barceló All Inclusive program that allows guests to enjoy all its services and facilities.

The architecture of the hotel and interior design contain elements of Mayan culture to celebrate the distinct heritage of the region. This theme is continued at the restaurant which features Mexican elements in the buffet area. During events decorations are also created that allude to both the Mayan and Mexican culture.

Energy consumption is measured monthly and 80% of lighting is energy efficient with sensors installed throughout the hotel in guest rooms and public areas. The hotel will continue to implement eco-friendly energy saving measures as part of it its sustainability management plan. Goals include replacing existing lighting with LEDs, acquiring intelligent thermostats for air-conditioned rooms and other investment plans to reduce electricity usage.

Water saving equipment includes the installation of foot pedal sinks in kitchens and buffet areas. Hands free faucets are also used in kitchens for rinsing fruit and vegetables and washing dishes.

Occidental Costa Cancún’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its support of community programs through the donation of retired linen, electrical appliances and toys amongst others. In addition, the hotel supports various ecological activities such as beach cleaning initiatives, the continuation of a Blue Crab protection program and the recent commencement of a Turtle Conservation program.

The hotel works in collaboration with the Cancun Ecology Department on a training and work program for the Blue Crab Protection Campaign, which takes place in September and October. Staff training in different environmental issues is included, among them the Blue Crab Protection Program. Occidental Costa Cancún has also joined the Marine Turtle Conservation Program and will participate by donating material for the construction of pens and assistance with releasing turtles.