New World Travel – New York Takes Steps Toward A Greener Future

New World Travel – New York Takes Steps Toward A Greener Future
June 6, 2018 Bradley Cox

New World Travel is a Receptive Tour Operator specializing in travel arrangements in the United States. NWT offers a complete line of products for the America bound traveller and operates programs in multiple languages for FIT and Fly Drive travellers, tour groups, conferences and special events.

Green Globe recently recertified New World Travel in New York.

Maxi Kaulisch, HR Manager & Green Team Leader with new certification

New World Travel NY is committed to implementing sustainable practices. Thinking “greener” permeates internal office operations as well as the various policies in place at the company through to tours provided for customers.

The NWT team has focused on reducing their environmental impact through the creation of a Pollution Prevention Policy. NWT aims to prevent further global warming and have a lasting beneficial affect on the environment by contributing to and raising awareness of environmental protection and conservation. The company prefers vehicles and transportation companies and suppliers that use alternative fuel to support solutions that reduce US oil use.

In line with its communications strategy, a Sustainable Checklist is distributed to guests to encourage responsible actions when on holiday in America and visiting tourist parks or staying at hotels. Eco-friendly tips include the conservation of water and energy, buying locally, not feeding wildlife, proper disposal of garbage and catching local transportation or riding bicycles when staying at resorts to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, to bring attention to and raise awareness of important green issues amongst NWT team members, each month Green Facts about a specific topic are posted throughout the office and other communal areas such as bathrooms, toilets and at water fountains etc. In April this year, efforts focused on saving water while May highlighted reducing plastic waste by choosing not to use straws or plastic water bottles.

Training in sustainability is supported by management and provided regularly for all employees. Maxi Kaulisch, HR Manager and Green Team Leader, organizes refresher courses with accredited Green Globe Auditor, Denaye Hinds to ensure staff are familiar with the criteria requirements that must be met in order to fulfill certification standards. In addition, email reminders are sent to staff to educate them on environmentally friendly initiatives including correct waste segregation procedures and of any updates issued by government bodies such as waste removal guidelines. Small ongoing steps such as these can lead to significant environmental and financial benefits.


Maxi Kaulisch
HR Manager
New World Travel – New York
1040 Avenue of the Americas
7th Floor, New York City,
New York 10018 – 3736
phone +1 212 754-9100