New World Travel Helps to Feed LA Community

New World Travel Helps to Feed LA Community
June 18, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe congratulates all staff at New World Travel (NWT), Los Angeles for volunteering at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

The Los Angeles Food Bank distributes 50 million pounds of food every year to families facing food shortages. Families are dependent on these donations and the Food Bank often runs out of supplies requiring emergency food drives. As part of their corporate/social responsibility, the NWT team decided to support the Food Bank and provide a positive impact on the lives of local families in need.

Ioana Samakovlis, Travel Coordinator, NWT said, “The Los Angeles office of New World Travel helped at the Food Bank to sort goods and products donated by supermarkets and other department stores. This included items such as toilet paper, hygiene products, diapers, toys and soap. Damaged goods including torn or broken items and products that had reached their expiry date were thrown out so that all items distributed were in peak condition.”

The Food Bank gratefully accepted the volunteer help with the NWT team helping to sort 30,867 pounds of food donations in just 3 hours.

With the effort proving successful, NWT has now committed to partnering with Food Forward(, a local non-profit organization, for its Corporate Social Responsibility Event at Huntington Gardens on Saturday, 20th Sep 2014 (9AM-11AM).

Food Forward is a volunteer-driven organization that collects fruits and vegetables grown on public and private land and donates them to local food banks and other non-profit groups. Food Forward volunteers rescue tons of fresh, delicious produce that would otherwise go to waste, and ensure that it is donated to low-income and food insecure families.

Green Globe Director of Communications, Bradley Cox, said, “ The team at NWT have highlighted one of the hidden community issues in big cities, that being the terrible situation where significant numbers of families go without fresh food, while at the same time tons of quality produce is dumped everyday.

“NWT’s volunteer contribution to LA Food Bank has made a real a difference to the health and wellbeing of people in their local community both young and old.”

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