New Farm Produce Closes the Gap at Twin Peaks Hospitality

New Farm Produce Closes the Gap at Twin Peaks Hospitality
October 28, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. for the ninth consecutive year.

Hotel Beaumont is located in a stately building in the elegant district of Wyck, in the centre of Maastricht. The Beaumont family has run the hotel at this location since 1912. Hotel Beaumont is one of three properties within Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V.

Christophe Beaumont Owner and General Manager of Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. said, ‘We are all happy to be recertified by Green Globe once again. We have achieved quite a lot in the last couple of months, huge leaps in sustainability have been made within our operations.”

New green measures at the hotel include high technology solutions and the further development of farm to table connections.

Monumental Upgrade

As a monumental building in the city of Maastricht, any renovations carried out must meet strict building criteria and guidelines. Due to these restrictions, the installation of double and triple paned glass windows is prohibited. However, the hotel managed to keep and restore the 125 year old window frames by replacing all glass windows with a special Japanese vacuum glass. The windows are 8mm thick and have the same efficient insulation properties as triple paned glass.

Harry’s Makeover

During the lockdown the hotel decided to start renovating Harry’s – its inhouse restaurant. All use of gas in the restaurant has been eliminated and the kitchen now uses electricity for cooking which is much more environmentally friendly. In addition, the entire air conditioning and climate control system has been replaced by a new system and an advanced technology heat pump that reduces overall energy usage.

Maastricht Farm Produce

Two years ago, Twin Peaks Hospitality started a farm. The 4000m2 farm is located in the Jeker Valley in Maastricht, just a 10 min bike ride from Harry’s restaurant. A farmer is employed to run the farm and kitchen and service staff also work shifts on the land. Currently, the farm grows and produces about 90% of all fruit and vegetables used at the restaurant.

‘We believe in the power of controlling the entire process, from getting down to earth and farming good food, through to presenting excellent produce and eating it! By farming our own fruit and vegetables, we are able to ensure high quality produce is grown in the right way. Our quest to be fully dependent on our own land is a journey with many bends and a high learning curve, but we believe in the added value of closing the gap between land and restaurant,” said Christophe Beaumont.

Twin Peak Sodas

In line with this rustic holistic approach, a new line of soda drinks has also been created at the property. All commercial sodas have been removed from the premises and Twin Peaks has been busy inventing and celebrating their own delightful sodas made from ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Christophe Beaumont explains, “Obviously, it’s tough to grow things like lemons in our climate so there are still a number of ingredients that have to travel a bit to get here. But most of them come from our own land and neighbouring farms. We’re really excited about sharing our new range of sodas with everyone.”


Christophe Beaumont
Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V.
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