Nature is the Main Supplier at Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge in Chile

Nature is the Main Supplier at Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge in Chile
July 3, 2013 Arton Kabashi

Since 2004, Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge, located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, Insular Patagonia, in the south of Chile, has promoted low-impact tourism as a profitable and auto-sustainable economic alternative. An outstanding commitment to environmental practices on all levels, combined with the drive to continuously improve and align with sustainable being, make this lodge a showcase for a true eco-experience. These efforts were recently awarded Green Globe re-certification.

“Sustainability to us is not only our way of life – it is our passion!” said Amory Uslar, Owner of Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge. “We do have to take good care of nature, as it is our main supplier. For my husband and I, this is our life project to accomplish 100% sustainable living – to live in perfect harmony with our environment. Earning the prestigious international recognition for the second time, and with a compliance rate of 95% to Green Globe criteria, it shows that we are on the right track.”

The Eco Lodge strives to be 100% sustainable through the use of wind and solar energy, reverse osmosis, and with electric boats. A wind generator provides energy for the electric lights, hot water for the outside showers comes from the solar heater – in cooperation with guest’s shower schedules, according to the sun harvest and weather conditions. All natural waste is composted. Water is sourced from the water well, natural rain water that has been filtered through the ground. Electric kayaks are distinctive to the Eco Lodge. Kayaks are moved by batteries, which are charged by electricity provided by the wind generator. One of the current projects is working on having an electric car available.

In line with their green philosophy, Chepu Adventures invites guests to respect the limits of the resources available. The Eco Lodge exists to share, protect, and preserve the pristine beauty of its natural surroundings, while promoting local community involvement and culture. Local art and handicrafts, based on the area’s history, are exhibited on a regular basis at the Eco Lodge.

Chepu Adventures established a scholarship for students at the local ‘Alla Mapu’ rural school. This pays for all school-related expenses for two children and their families, for the duration of one year. The local ‘Alla Mapu’ (this means “Beautiful Land” in Mapudungen, the Mapuche language) school was the first school in the region to receive an environmental certification. ‘Alla Mapu’ is a private school, serving the geographically very rugged area of Coipomo-Chepu, 37 km northwest of Ancud.

About Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge
Chepu Adventures Eco Lodge is located at Chepu, Chiloe Island, at the southern tip of Chile. It is a four-hour flight from Santiago to Chiloe, bus, taxi and ferry service is available to get to the island. The property features 4 cabanas and 2 shared dormis, all with a great view over Chepu River Valley and River Puntra, completely surrounded by nature. Guests can enjoy home cuisine with local products and organic vegetables grown by neighboring farmers. Self-guided adventure tours, such as ‘kayak at dawn’ or ‘kayak during the day’, discovering surprising scenery, are available. The eco systems at Chepu are formed by rivers, wetland, forest and the Pacific Ocean coast, providing a wide biodiversity, and a wide variety of birds – a paradise for bird watching! Chepu has been defined as a reliable spot for southern river otters, the world’s rarest otters. Chepu Adventures offers a unique experience, in a stunning setting, for those looking for Eco Travel in Chiloe.

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