Mövenpick Resort Taba: Growing Success of Kilo of Kindness Month

Mövenpick Resort Taba: Growing Success of Kilo of Kindness Month
May 14, 2019 Bradley Cox

Magnificent landscapes, breathtaking mountains and the alluring turquoise waters of the Red Sea set the stage for the Mövenpick Resort Taba. Located directly on Taba Bay overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, the meeting point of four countries with views of Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Green Globe recently recertified the Mövenpick Resort Taba with the property achieving a high compliance score of 87%.

Community initiatives are at the heart of the resort’s key sustainability projects. Their Kilo of Kindness charity drive, launched on the UN International Day of Charity on 5 September 2018, remains part of Mövenpick’s global campaign to help local communities. Over a 15 day period, guests and interested participants are invited to donate one kilo of food, clothing and educational supplies at hotels which are then distributed to those in need, both adults and children. In 2017, a total of 8,500 kg in food and school supplies were donated to twelve Mövenpick properties.

Mövenpick Resort Taba pledged that any donations they received during the Kilo of Kindness campaign be given to the Mn Agl Masr charity organisation. Mn Agl Masr is responsible for a range of remarkable social services across Egypt including educational, cultural, volunteering and charitable initiatives. Generous guests, business partners, employees and government workers donated canned foods such as tuna, soup, fruit and vegetables and dry foods including rice, beans, oats, flour and powdered milk as well as essential items of clothing.

The Kilo of Kindness campaign is part of Shine – Mövenpick’s global corporate social responsibility programme. Shine’s initiatives are grouped around three pillars -Environment, Employer and Social Sustainability – with Education the common focus. Educational supplies in demand include books, notebooks and stationery such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, glue and scissors. All contributions are gratefully received during the annual campaign, which will be run again at the end of the year.


Mohamed Gawad
Learning and Development Manager
Mövenpick Resort Taba
Nuweibaa – Taba Road,
Qesm Nwebaa,
South Sinai Governorate
46621 Taba
P: +20 1066688041
E: Mohamed.Gawad@movenpick.com
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