Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna: 8 Years of Green Globe Certification

Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna: 8 Years of Green Globe Certification
June 25, 2019 Bradley Cox

Surrounded by lush gardens and tranquil lagoons, the Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna enjoys a unique location directly on the beach overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Red Sea.

Green Globe recently recertified Movenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna for the eighth consecutive year.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna is considered a pioneer for sustainability on the Red Sea. The entire resort team is committed to a sustainable future and make great efforts to carry out their environmental and social responsibilities.

For Earth Week 2019, the resort’s Green Team organised a full week of environmental activities in El Gouna that were dedicated to making the modern resort town a greener place. Many staff members and guests eagerly participated in a beach cleanup and guest families enjoyed planting their handpicked saplings.

Regular social initiatives at the property include the sharing of local culture through the promotion of traditional events. In April, Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna held its annual Sham-el-Nessim celebrations. Sham-el- Nessim is a national holiday and festival that celebrates the arrival of Spring and can be dated back to ancient Egyptian times to approximately 2700 BCE. Festivities include painting and decorating eggs, and eating traditional food such as fesikh (a fermented, salted and dried grey mullet), tirmis (Lupin Beans) as well as brightly coloured boiled eggs.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna also honoured Eid or Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Breaking the Fast), a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide marking the end of Ramadan. Fun activities were organised at the resort for both adults and children alike to commemorate this special event.

Mövenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna’s full Sustainability Management Plan can be viewed here.