Mövenpick Hotel s-Hertogenbosch: Helping Make the World Better

Mövenpick Hotel s-Hertogenbosch: Helping Make the World Better
January 13, 2020 Bradley Cox

First certified by Green Globe in 2011, the Mövenpick Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosch is located at the waterfront of the lake Provinciehuis just outside the historical city centre of den Bosch and close to the important highway connections A2. The hotel provides an ideal base for business travellers and leisure guests alike.

Green Globe recently recertified the Mövenpick Hotel ‘s-Hertogenbosch  marking 8 years of continuous certification.

Wim van der Steen, General Manager at the hotel said, “We are very proud to be recertified again by Green Globe. For the Movenpick Hotel s-Hertogenbosch, to be part of Green Globe is all about giving kindness to people and supporting the environment all over the world.”

A Kilo of Kindness Campaign – Voedselbank (Foodbank)

The hotel is committed to various notable charitable causes and, through Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts’ annual Kilo of Kindness campaign, donates kilos of toys to local organizations that provide clothes and toys to underprivileged people who cannot afford these items. Furthermore, with ‘A Kilo of Kindness’ Mövenpick specifically supports the Voedselbank ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Voedselbank (Foodbank) is an organisation that relies on the help of food suppliers and financial support from individuals, foundations, associations and businesses to provide weekly food packages to individuals and families who cannot adequately meet their primary food needs. This meant it was possible for guests and well-wishers to walk into the lobby of the hotel and donate food as well as clothing and educational supplies to families in need last year.

Preserving Nature

As part of its environmental responsibilities, the hotel supports local non-profit organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WNF), Natuurmonumenten and the bird protection program. Natuurmonumenten is an organisation that acquires, protects and manages nature reserves in the Netherlands and promotes native wildlife and plant species. Guests can access information about Natuurmonumenten and discover the surrounding countryside via a video display screen in the lobby.

Work Experience Programs

In partnership with jINC, training is provided by Movenpick Hotel s-Hertogenbosch for local communities to develop a qualified local labour force. Disadvantaged children are given the chance to explore the professions at the hotel such as working in the kitchen, as a waiter and at reception. Secondary school pupils and local secondary vocational school students are welcomed to do hospitality work experience at the property.

“Its’s all about helping each other to make the world a little bit better,” concluded Mr van der Steen.


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