Mövenpick Hotel Izmir Makes A Major Impact In Turkey

Mövenpick Hotel Izmir Makes A Major Impact In Turkey
March 4, 2016 Bradley Cox

Mövenpick Hotel Izmir is situated in the heart of the city of Izmir, overlooking the beautiful bay of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. This leading business hotel is an ideal starting point for visiting the ancient cities of Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis and Klazomenai and the popular destinations Kuşadası, Çeşme, Foça and Bodrum. Business and shopping districts are also located within walking distance.

Green Globe recently re-certified Mövenpick Hotel Izmir for the fourth consecutive year. The property achieved a notable compliance score of 87% against accredited criteria.

The hotel adheres to sustainable best practices and now purchases 100% of its electricity from green energy suppliers.

Hotel Izmir Small“The more we reduce our carbon footprint, the less we are going to experience the effects of climate changes or the damage we have been causing over all these years. One person can make a difference. If everyone takes the same steps as that one person, together we can all have a major impact on the earth,” says Erhan Çetin, General Manager at the Mövenpick Hotel Izmir.

Mövenpick Izmir’s sustainable achievements encompass environmental and social initiatives that benefit the entire community.

The hotel has been working together with the Aegean Forest Foundation to create a better climate and natural environment. Over the past five years hotel staff helped plant 6,000 trees. Planting originally started as a duty to the property’s sustainability project. However, interest continued to grow and tree planting has now become a sincere mission by all involved to stop climate change.

“This year will be the sixth consecutive year that we have donated saplings and now we have a total of 7,000 young trees in the Izmir area. We intend to keep on doing so until we have our own Mövenpick Hotel Izmir Forest,” added Mr Cetin.

In line with their corporate social responsibilities, hotel management and staff organize wide-ranging projects that develop relationships in the community.

Mr Cetin said, “In partnership with Id Turkiye, we have worked to ensure that our hotel services cater to the needs of those with hearing loss.”

Since 2013 Mövenpick Izmir has been the only hotel in Turkey that has facilities for the hearing impaired. The lobby area and ballroom have been specifically modified for visitors with a hearing impairment. Furthermore, sign language is also taught to staff so that they can provide assistance and communicate with guests more easily.

To support the educational needs of children in the local community, Mövenpick Izmir donated computer equipment that was no longer used to two primary schools.

For further information about Mövenpick Hotel Izmir please see www.movenpick.com or read the hotel’s sustainability brochure.


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Mövenpick Hotel Izmir
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