Mövenpick Hotel Izmir: Green Changes Benefit Future Generations

Mövenpick Hotel Izmir: Green Changes Benefit Future Generations
March 28, 2018 Bradley Cox

Mövenpick Hotel Izmir sits flanked by broad boulevards and beautiful walking areas, alongside the water bank of Izmir’s port, glass-fronted buildings and shopping centres.

Increasing the number of sustainable best practices carried out at the hotel continues to be a priority for both management and staff.

“It is so easy to go green! Simple, everyday actions help to conserve valuable resources and reduce your carbon footprint. Change only happens when individuals take action. Deciding to take action is the first step and means that you want to take care of this planet. Our individual habits are definitely changing lives and changing the planet for the better. It’s not too late to take action to involve others and make this world a better place for future generations,” says Merih Yumlu, Public Relations and Quality Manager at the Mövenpick Hotel Izmir.

One of the ecological initiatives Mövenpick Izmir staff is involved with is planting 7,000 young trees with the Aegean Forest Foundation.

“Planting started as a duty as part of our sustainability project six years ago; however, we realised planting trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the natural environment for the benefit of our climate,” added Mrs. Hasaltun Yumlu.

Several other green measures have been introduced over the past year at the hotel. In line with their environmentally friendly strategies, the hotel has decreased the number of guest rooms where smoking is allowed from 60 to 39. In addition, purified water is now offered in place of bottled water to reduce plastic waste volume.

The use of electronic messaging systems has also been incorporated into everyday operations. Banquet Event Order forms are now shared between team members via WhatsApp instead of printing out hard copies. This simple change has improved communication flows between departments and staff members and reduced paper consumption.



Merih Hasaltun Yumlu (Mrs.)
Public Relations & Quality Manager
Mövenpick Hotel Izmir
Cumhuriyet Blv. 138
35210 Izmir Alsancak,
phone +90 232 4881414
fax +90 232 4848070
email merih.hasaltun@movenpick.com
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