Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis: Protect Planet and People

Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis: Protect Planet and People
March 24, 2020 Bradley Cox

Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis is situated on a private golden sand beach overlooking the beautiful bays of the Mediterranean and the hills of Sidi Bou Said. Families and discerning travellers alike enjoy basking in the sun at this elegant hotel.

Green Globe recertfied Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis in Tunisia earlier this year.

Imen Touhemi, HACCP Quality & Hygiene Coordinator and Green Globe Project Leader at the hotel said, “The entire Green Globe team within the hotel is very happy that we have achieved our green goal to attain certification again in 2019. We hope that we will always be ready to protect the environment, help disadvantaged people and be a part of the global movement to save our planet.”

In line with their Sustainable Management Plan, Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis focuses mainly on three principal areas – responsible resource management, CSR sponsored environmental projects and social initiatives that strengthen lasting relationships within local communities.

Operational strategies are designed to protect natural resources and minimize impacts. In efforts to save energy and water, energy and water consumption and affiliated costs are recorded each month. In addition, waste management practices involve the selective sorting of waste at all levels within the property and agreements have been made with approved recycling and general waste collectors.

Employees are encouraged to fully understand the importance of environmental protection through ecological initiatives such as clean-up days and inhouse meetings where sustainable objectives and the hotel’s green actions and projects are communicated with all staff members.

Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis works in collaboration with the OMNYATI association, SOS Gammarth and other associations on various social initiatives. Omnyati is a non- profit Tunisian organization which aims to grant the wishes of children suffering from life threatening medical conditions. The SOS Village based in Gammarth supports disadvantaged children by ensuring they have adequate access to education, nutrition and health services while parents are given guidance on income-generating skills and parenting practices. The organisation also works toward strengthening support networks within the community. Future projects will be decided and organized by the hotel during the remainder of 2020.

“We are very proud of the fact that we are part of Green Globe and we support its noble cause to protect our planet and people. After all, we only have one Earth, don’t we?”, concluded Ms. Touhemi.


Imen Touhemi
Quality & Hygiene Coordinator
Mövenpick Hotel Gammarth Tunis
Avenue Taieb M’hiri BP 36
La Marsa
P: +216 71 741 444 | +216 71 740 400
E: Hotel.Gammarth.Hygieniste@movenpick.com