Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City Meets the Challenges of Being a Green Hotel

Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City Meets the Challenges of Being a Green Hotel
October 20, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recertified Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City in September for the ninth year.

Over the years Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City has found that as a green hotel the greatest challenge is in getting the balance right between adhering to sustainable measures whilst getting everyone on board at the same time. Although employees are given regular training to give everyone a sense of inclusiveness with common green goals such as eliminating the use of plastic, this may have little influence on some guests and customers who, for example, enter the hotel with fast food in plastic packaging or still prefer plastic coffee take away cups.

Furthermore, due to extreme temperatures in the summer of 2019, air conditioning was used more than usual. European air conditioning units are not designed to permanently compensate for temperatures of up to 40 degrees and many guests expect comfortably cooled hotel rooms and conference rooms, so hotel staff had to reconsider sustainable standards in this area as well.

Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City hopes that by taking steady steps in sustainability, gradually everyone – including guests, staff, stakeholders, partners, suppliers and the public – will work together for the benefit of not only society but also the planet.

Changes through Green Globe Membership

Green Globe’s sustainability system allows the hotel to plan and implement practices that creates awareness about environmental issues amongst employees and guests. Staff members integrate sustainable thinking and actions into their everyday work and guests are more considerate about the use of available resources and protection of the environment. The Green Globe seal has led to increased social engagement and strengthened relationships with local businesses and within the community resulting in exciting new projects. Being green also encourages customers who think and act in a similar way to contact the hotel and establish partnerships. Finally changes such as the transition to LED lamps has reduced electricity consumption and operational costs.

Proudly Supporting Community Initiatives

Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City is very proud of its long-standing partnership with the non-profit organisation – Help for Children with Cancer in Frankfurt (Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.). The organization supports children and young people affected by cancer and also their parents and siblings. An affiliated foundation researches the causes of cancer and a cure for this disease. The hotel provides financial support for the organization and its foundation and staff members assist with catering services at events held during festive occasions. The hotel also sponsors charity events run by Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt.

As a member of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, this year the hotel participated in the annual Kilo of Kindness campaign for the third year in a row. The initiative first commenced in 2018 when the property took part in collecting and donating plastic lids to raise funds for polio vaccinations. All Mövenpick hotels in Germany collected a grand total of 254.2 kg of lids that contributed toward the cost of more than 180 polio vaccinations.

Minimalizing Impacts

In 2019, Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City continued to implement its No Plastic policy and two great initiatives have been introduced at the property. Glass straws only have been served in drinks over the past months at restaurants and bars. Even a small initiative such as this that can make a big difference by raising awareness and it has been well received by guests. Furthermore, recyclable ReCup coffee-to-go cups have also been available since September last year. The cups are part of a deposit system and can be returned at participating ReCup collection points identified by stickers placed on shop doors or in windows of participating partners throughout Germany.

Sustainability Goals in 2020

As an Accor Group property, the hotel looks forward to becoming more involved in new projects in Frankfurt and a new objective this year will be tackling the problem of food waste.

“We work with food and groceries every day. However, out of 100 carrots harvested, only every 30th is actually processed and eaten while others, although edible, are discarded due to their odd shape or size. The hotel plans to use these “odd” fruit and vegetables in our kitchens and restaurants rather than the produce simply going to landfill. This is one way in which we can all start to find new ways to conserve resources and energy at the hotel and help our guests save money,” said Patrick Marten, Purchasing Manager and Sustainability Officer at Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City.


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