Mövenpick Hotel Beirut Thinking Green in 2019

Mövenpick Hotel Beirut Thinking Green in 2019
May 29, 2019 Bradley Cox

A calm oasis in the heart of the city, the Mövenpick Hotel Beirut is one of the best business hotels with extensive resort facilities in Beirut. Located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, the upscale hotel offers all you would expect from a 5-star beach resort.

Green Globe recently recertified the Mövenpick Hotel Beirut. The hotel is the first property to be certified by Green Globe in Lebanon.

Mövenpick Hotel Beirut is committed to its sustainability programs and green strategies. Energy, water and waste reduction targets have been set at 5% for 2019. LED lights are installed throughout the hotel and energy efficient computers and equipment are used in offices. Water is sourced from seawater via a reverse osmosis system and bottled water has been eliminated from the spa and gym areas to reduce plastic waste.

New recycling programs have been implemented over the past year with bins for paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and glass now in place in offices and kitchens. Furthermore, in line with its waste management practices, coat hangers from employee uniforms and guest dry cleaning are returned and reused rather than being discarded while printer and fax toner cartridges are collected by a supplier and refilled.

CSR activities remain high on the list of priorities at the hotel. Staff members and guests are given the opportunity to make financial donations to the Children’s Cancer Centre. In addition, employees participate in the annual Lebanese Marathon that is managed by the Braveheart Organisation.

The hotels’ Sustainability Management Plan can be viewed here.