Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain: Leader in Responsible Environmental Management

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain: Leader in Responsible Environmental Management
January 8, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe has recertified the Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain for the seventh consecutive year. The hotel was the first property to be certified by Green Globe in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2013.

Here we explore some of the sustainable best practices carried out at the property.

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain upholds a policy to operate its business as a corporate entity committed to effective environmental management, with concern for the well-being of Mother Nature. Our goal is to ensure that company facilities and operations are in compliance with sustainable standards. We believe that an appropriate balance can and should be achieved between environmental care and economic goals, and thus, we intend to be a leader in responsible environmental management.

Supporting the Community

At Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain, we strongly support social activities and committees to help families who are less fortunate. In 2019, by partnering with the Conserving Bounty charity association, we donated approximately 4,000 food containers to families in need and, at the same time, managed to cut food waste.

The hotel encourages staff members to engage in social activities related to the local community such as painting the Center House for the elderly. We also sponsor charity events and hosted a sumptuous Iftar buffet dinner for children with Downs Syndrome last year.

Green Globe Committee

The hotel adheres to a comprehensive sustainability management plan that is carried out throughout the entire property. The SMP takes into account environmental, sociocultural, quality and safety issues and is overseen by a designated Green Globe Committee.

Amal Fernando, Chief Engineer at the hotel and Head of the Green Globe Committee explains, “We have established a group of dedicated staff and department heads who not only helped shape the Sustainability Action Plan, but also meet monthly to continue to move the action plan forward. The team members support each other as they work towards completing each action, they are responsible for and share their successes regularly with all hotel staff.”

Amal Fernando, Chief Engineer and Head of the Green Globe Committee

Treading Lightly

Both management and staff members have been steadily working toward minimizing environmental impacts. Last year, Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain successfully reduced paper and plastic waste by 50% in offices. The hotel ceased printing daily reports with projectors and screens used in place of hard copies during daily meetings. In addition, standard paper flip charts have been replaced with electronic boards when hosting any hotel meetings or events. The property has also been using LED bulbs and an adiabatic system, managing to reduce energy usage by 1% (electricity) while water consumption dropped by 1% in 2019.

Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain’s Sustainability Management Plan is detailed on its website.


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