Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai: Good Will Extends into the Community

Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai: Good Will Extends into the Community
December 9, 2020 Bradley Cox

Mӧvenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai  was first certified by Green Globe last month. The hotel has established best practices that can be further developed in the coming years.

Crissy Dee, Personal Assistant to the General Manager cum Quality Supervisor and one of the hotel’s Green Champions, details some of the hotel’s sustainability initiatives that allow green principles to be incorporated within the hotel and flow out into the wider community.

Green Team

Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai has established its own Green Team that is led by the General Manager Mr. Eric Seso with the help of Green Globe Champions, Crissy Dee and Kashif Saeed, Maintenance Manager at the property. The Green Team conducts regular monthly meetings to devise and ensure the implementation of sustainability initiatives and green action plans.

Communication Strategy

The hotel’s Sustainability Plan and Environmental Policy are available on its website outlining the environmental initiatives, programs and plans at the property. Sustainability initiatives are communicated to guests via the hotel’s website and displayed on lobby and elevator screens.

To improve communication flows within the hotel, social initiatives are held specifically for staff members including “Lunch with GM” where representatives from each department are invited to have lunch with Mr. Seso, our General Manager, every quarter to discuss any issues and happenings at the property. In addition, friendly Monthly Gatherings are organised where Mövenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai shows their appreciation to all our colleagues.

CSR Initiatives

Community programs are designed to give back to the community and raise awareness concerning social or environmental issues. The property actively participates in CSR activities including Clean Up Drives, Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns, Earth Day and Christmas Celebrations.

On Earth Day, the Green Team organizes enjoyable inhouse activities such as planting seeds in our vertical Sustainable Garden. The plants from last year, however, did not survive the very hot temperatures but we have managed to plant a new batch with hopes they will fare better this time with our newly acquired gardening knowledge. Due to the current pandemic, Earth Day activities had to be cancelled this year, but the hotel hopes to hold events in 2021.

Female staff members also took part in the Pink Lady Activities last year. It is a charity event where we teamed up with other Mövenpick properties in Dubai to support and raise awareness regarding breast cancer.

One of our festive activities is the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in December. The GEMS Millennium School Choral perform and sing during the ceremony and we organize a bazaar with the Al Noor Training Centre for People with Disabilities to showcase their paintings, bags and any other handmade crafts they have created. We are planning to organize more bazaars once the situation permits.

Health and Safety Measures.

Safety measures and monitoring procedures have been introduced at the property in accordance with the current ALLSAFE practices announced by ACCOR. Health and safety protocol for guests and residents are communicated through our website and display screens in the lobby and lifts.


Crissy Alba – Dee
Personal Assistant to the General Manager
cum Quality Supervisor
Mӧvenpick Hotel Apartments Downtown Dubai
Al Ohood Street
P: +971 04 518 7777
E: Crissy.Dee@movenpick.com
W: movenpick.com