Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club: On First Name Basis with Sustainability

Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club: On First Name Basis with Sustainability
August 2, 2017 Bradley Cox

Green Globe congratulates Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club on its recent recertification for the fourth year.

Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club is a relaxed, elegant haven tucked on the breathtaking hillside of Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. Mount Cinnamon is renown for its cozy, self-contained villas and suites and unprecedented service where guests are greeted on a first-name basis. The property takes great pride in its strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

The resort has been built with sustainability in mind – open-air restaurants, local artwork, farm-to-table menus, and property-wide gardens lush with local fauna. In the last four years, Mount Cinnamon Resort has committed to formal sustainability efforts fostered by Green Globe Certification.

Jonnel Edwards, Marine Biologist & Environmental Sustainability Consultant at the resort said, “Mount Cinnamon has come a long way with regards to formalizing our environmental sustainability program. Thanks to a passionate Green Team, cooperative management and owners, environmentally conscious guests, and a local community that facilitates our growth, we look forward to continuing our sustainability program and annual Green Globe Certification.”

To protect biodiversity in the region, the resort’s Green Team organised a march to raise awareness about the Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Six local schools were invited to join the event which took place in St. George’s, the capital city of Grenada. The aim of the march, conducted by Mount Cinnamon in partnership with local NGOs, was to educate locals to stop the poaching and consumption of these majestic creatures.

As a beachside property, Mount Cinnamon understands the value in keeping the beach and ocean areas around Grand Anse clean. Sustainable efforts include beach cleanups that are held regularly while dive shop staff work together with local divers and community members in cleaning the coral reefs and removing debris found in open waters.

As a farm-to-table resort, great pride is taken in producing the resort’s own herbs and vegetables in order to provide the highest quality menu. Mount Cinnamon’s landscaping professionals have cultivated and grown an on-site garden from scratch, delivering fresh produce to chefs. This relationship is a mutually beneficial one, as organic scraps from the kitchen later become materials for compost thereby continuing the cycle. Far less waste is sent to landfill due to this eco-friendly practice.


Jonnel Edwards
Marine Biologist & Environmental Sustainability Consultant
Mount Cinnamon Resort & Beach Club
Morne Rouge
Grand Anse
P.O.Box 3858
St. George’s