Morena Eco Resort Supports Local Curaçao Entrepreneurs

Morena Eco Resort Supports Local Curaçao Entrepreneurs
September 23, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified  Morena Eco Resort for the sixth consecutive year.

The resort continues to support regional economic development through investing in local companies and artists based in Curaçao and their sustainable goods.


Morena Resort promotes local entrepreneurs such as Limpi, a company that creates high-quality products made from plastic waste collected on the island. The property has purchased fun inspired Limpi keychains for all room keys andLimp Limpi coasters are used exclusively in the restaurant. A stylish Limpi lamp is also displayed in the lobby area.

D-Tap Water

In efforts to eliminate the use of single-use plastics in the Caribbean, the resort has also joined an island wide program which is being set-up by the D-Bottle company. A specially designed Ocean Blue reusable stainless steel thermos bottle can be refilled at any D-Tap water station located throughout the island. Locations are accessed via an app on mobile phones and, of course, Morena is one of the participating resorts listed as a water refill station.

Kokolishi @kokolishicuracao

Kokolishi is a young local artist that creates original hand drawn illustrations in Curaçao for a range of products including fashionable scarves, jewellery and merchandise. Kokolishi has created a delightful postcard of the property’s lobby area that incorporates the resort’s distinctive spiral logo. This as well as other unique postcards are sold at the property in line with Morena’s policy to promote local culture.

Curacao Clean Up

Morena Resort is committed to combatting waste pollution in the region. Just last Saturday on the 19th of September, resort staff members and their families along with enthusiastic guests joined in the annual Curacao Clean Up campaign. The initiative aims to raise awareness in order to achieve a clean and healthy Curaçao and ultimately a healthy planet. A total of 3 000 volunteers island wide worked together to clean up over 1 million kilos of waste found at illegal trash sites, on streets, beaches and in the ocean. This mammoth result indicates the necessity for continued community action in the Caribbean in future.




Vera van der Wielen
General manager
Morena Eco Resort
Kaya Adriátiko F-1
Jan Thiel, Curaçao
P: +599 9 7473737