Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre: Strongly Committed to a Positive Future

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre: Strongly Committed to a Positive Future
December 11, 2019 Bradley Cox

Spectacular views over the city and vistas over the river IJ are just some of the highlights at Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. Located alongside the water’s edge of the river, canal boats and water taxis stop in front of the hotel at its own jetty with trains, trams nearby and free parking for bicycles also available.

Green Globe recently recertified Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre with the property achieving a high compliance score of 86%. Awarded Gold status in 2015, the hotel is approaching Platinum status, its 10th year of certification in 2020.

Community Programs

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre supports numerous social projects to ensure future generations grow up in a positive environment. The Chair Project was started by members of the Amsterdam community to assist homeless people. Alternating groups of staff members voluntarily cook for the homeless each year at the hotel’s kitchens. The strong sense of community responsibility has given rise to a new initiative whereby local kids from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds are brought into to the hotel to learn about hotel operations. The property works with JINC, an organisation that assists 47,000 local children a year to pursue rewarding livelihoods. The aim is to showcase potential career paths in the hotel and restaurant sector to young people who would not usually consider such options as they are unfamiliar with being a guest at hotels or restaurants.

In addition, the annual Kilo of Kindness campaign was held again this year. A grand total of 143 Kilos (85KG of clothing and 58KG toys) were collected by staff members for distribution to those in need in Amsterdam. And last September, as part of the Right to Play campaign, the hotel’s team helped raise €70.576 that will enable 1400 children in disadvantaged communities around the world play sports for a year.

Sustainable Planning

The hotel works with 100% sustainable energy and in line with its sustainability management plan, has made great progress. 44% of all the lighting is now energy efficient with 3784 non-energy efficient lights replaced with LED over the past year. In addition, water savers continue to be installed on shower heads and taps to reduce water consumption.

Minimizing Food Waste

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre aims to cut food waste by an average of 30% and now participates in the Too Good To Go initiative where unsold food items are packaged in Magic Boxes and made available to the public at a reduced cost via an app. Lunch boxes have also been replaced with biodegradable ones made of cane sugar and the use of plastic straws eliminated to minimize impacts.

The hotel’s Sustainability Brochure is available on its website