Mireille Schmerbeck – The new face of Sales & Marketing at Green Globe

Mireille Schmerbeck – The new face of Sales & Marketing at Green Globe
June 20, 2017 Bradley Cox

Green Globe is gaining momentum with Mireille Schmerbeck appointed to lead Green Globe Sales & Marketing in the German, European and international markets. After completing an intensive three month induction and training program at the Green Globe Headquarters in Los Angeles, Mireille will be the new contact person for all Green Globe members into the future.

The 23-year-old grew up in Deggendorf in Lower Bavaria where she finished her high school diploma. Realising her childhood wish to be part of the hospitality industry, Ms Schmerbeck then took on an  apprenticeship in the ​​hotel industry. After a six-month internship, Ms Schmerbeck began her apprenticeship at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt in 2014. Then after 12 months Mireille joined Steigenberger Hotel der Sonnenhof in Bad Wörishofen, where she worked until January 2017.

In her new role with Green Globe, Ms. Schmerbeck brings hands-on hotel experience and is well tuned to the current trends and possibilities within the hotel sector. Through her Green Globe training, Mireille has also developed a precise understanding of how day-to-day work in hotels can accomodate the requirements of both sustainable management and certification.

Ms Schmerbeck is keen to raise the media profile of Green Globe and, above all, raise awareness among hospitality related businesses in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. According to Ms Schmerbeck, sustainable management is not a short-term trend, but a rigorous practice that delivers decisive advantages for hotel companies as well as for their customers and guests.

First priorities for Ms. Schmerbeck as Green Globe Sales Manager, will be working with the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) and the German Convention Bureau (GCB), as well as making direct contact with other Green Globe members.

Ms Schmerbeck said, “By working at Green Globe I hope to successfully expand our customer base as well as deliver services to our existing customers. I also look forward to making many new and interesting contacts and contribute to discussions around sustainable tourism, both in Europe and  internationally.”


Mireille Schmerbeck
Green Globe Sales Manager
email: mschmerbeck@greenglobe.com