Mercure Hotel Suites and Apartments – Dubai Barsha Heights: A Growing Sustainability Culture

Mercure Hotel Suites and Apartments – Dubai Barsha Heights: A Growing Sustainability Culture
April 16, 2019 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recertified the Mercure Hotel Suites and Apartments -Dubai Barsha Heights in February with the hotel achieving an outstanding score of 98%.

Mr. Naseer Thodi, General Manager at the hotel has been the driving force behind the attainment of Green Globe Certification for four consecutive years.

”I am very proud of what we, as a team, have achieved through implementing our sustainable initiatives. Our journey of sustainability has faced various challenges along the way, however, being a part of the Accor group has facilitated the development of a growing sustainability culture amongst management and team members, ”said Mr Thodi.

The hotel has been recognized for its comprehensive waste reduction strategies and its CSR initiatives include broad based social and environmental projects.

Star of Waste Management Award

The Dubai Municipality awarded the Star of Waste Management to the hotel for its waste reduction measures after a detailed inspection of best practices at the property was completed. Each department devises individual waste saving initiatives that are carried out by team members. The Housekeeping team manages a linen reuse program that saves water and electricity, reduces overall running costs and minimizes environmental impacts. In collaboration with Diversy, used soap remnants are collected and donated to the Soap for Hope Program thereby decreasing waste generation at the property. Retired linen and clothes are collected through charity drives and regularly donated to several welfare organizations such as the Beit Alkhair Society, Dubai Center for Special Needs and Red Crescent.

The Food and Beverage team monitor wastage from kitchens and have devised measures to limit food waste where possible. Currently, four breakfast buffet dispensers are set up at breakfast buffets and serve one scoop of jam for different flavoured jams. The jam dispensers meet sustainability and hygiene standards and have replaced small disposable packets of jam that would otherwise generate large quantities of plastic packaging waste.

Native Ghaf Trees

Mercure team has always spearheaded CSR activities in the region to support environmental protection. The hotel’s Green Team actively participates in all green activities conducted by the Emirates Environmental Group. In 2018, the Kitchen Stewarding Team collected a total of 870 kilograms of metal cans. In return Mercure Hotel Suites and Apartments – Dubai Barsha Heights was awarded with three Ghaf tree saplings to plant. The Ghaf tree is the native plant of UAE. The tree plantation event took place on 18th December 2018 in Minae, South Ras Al Khaimah (Skheibar Area). The root systems of Ghaf trees penetrate deeply into the soil for more than 30 meters allowing it to draw water up for survival even in the hottest weather conditions. The trees also prevent soil erosion in dessert regions.

Clean Up The World Campaign

Mercure Hotel Suites & Apartments participated in the Clean up the World campaign organized by the Dubai Municipality that took place at the Jebal Ali Trojan camp (a desert area) in Dubai. Various organizations supported the cleaning up of the deserts and the removal of plastics and other waste which will improve the environment for indigenous dessert wildlife.

“We received a certificate of appreciation from the Dubai Government for participating in the campaigns and for our efforts in protecting the environment. We are all pleased that we can assist in this manner,” concluded Mr Thodi.


Kavitha Kanichetty Sai
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