Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa: Sustainable Operations Set High Standard

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa: Sustainable Operations Set High Standard
March 17, 2020 Bradley Cox

The Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is an intimate, two-story boutique resort located on the shores of majestic Eagle Beach, an ideal Caribbean paradise for romantic and rejuvenating getaways.

Green Globe recently recertified the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa with the property achieving a magnificent compliance score of 94%.

Denaye Hinds, Accredited Green Globe Auditor details the property’s sustainability objectives and operations.

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa adheres to the Green Globe Program and continues to maintain set standards. Their commitment to sustainability continues to be conveyed throughout the property for staff and guests alike to notice, understand and take part in. Staff are dedicated to maintaining current initiatives and seeking new alternatives.

Manchebo Beach Resort continues to place environmental conservation as a priority within its operations. With the creation of a new environmental officer role within the staff team, their commitment to ensuring accountability to the Green Globe program and conservation initiatives is evident.

Staff training for individual departments, matters relating to health and safety, emergency procedures and environmental awareness are in place. Information sharing and raising awareness throughout the back of house continues. Front of house actions such as paper straws, compostable cups, towel and linen reuse placards, in-room recycling, and natural amenities engage the guests to take part in the program and respect the property’s goals without compromising their experience.

Purchasing continues within each department to source responsible and locally crafted products. The introduction of jams and locally made kombucha drinks are an example. Meetings with local farmers to understand their seasonal crop and yield potential are in place to ensure the resort receives what they can locally and ascertain the amount of food produce required to plan out menus as well as growing needs to be supplemented onsite.

The property’s nursery and organic herb garden continues to thrive and expand. The landscape and garden team strive to be environmentally considerate in their operations by using rainwater and condensation water from AC units that reduces consumption of municipality supplied water.

Kitchen staff training and procedures are reinforced. The Chef ensures staff are knowledgeable through daily briefings, weekly updates, tests and quizzes. Practices to maintain temperature logs for freezers and fridges, cool down, thawing, buffet and critical food temperatures continue. Information regarding allergies, food handling and safety are also in place and signed-off by staff to confirm their participation and awareness of procedures. Local gastronomy is featured in the newly offered cooking classes for guests to educate them about the local flavours of Aruba.

Housekeeping maintain a green cleaning program to ensure eco-friendly equipment and products are in use for cleaning and sustainable amenities are provided for guests. An in-room guest directory provides environmental information and emergency procedures for guests to maintain their awareness and safety.

Maintenance works closely with each department to ensure the upkeep of systems and equipment efficiency throughout the resort. Reuse and repurposing of items throughout the property continues to benefit through the creation of seating and lounge spaces that enhance front and back of house areas.