L’Hôtel de Crillon: the revival of a legend

L’Hôtel de Crillon: the revival of a legend
March 26, 2012 Arton Kabashi

The Hôtel de Crillon will soon be returned to its former glory thanks to a thorough makeover.
Renovation work will begin in autumn 2012
The Hôtel de Crillon has just announced plans to carry out considerable renovations which will
require temporarily closing the entire establishment for approximately two years, starting this fall.
By building on its great history, respecting its time-honoured traditions and preserving its unique
soul, the renovation work will enable the Hôtel de Crillon to shine once again like the star it was
always destined to be, reaffirming its rank among the world’s most prestigious hotels.
The extensive renovations will touch every aspect of the building. The various areas on the ground
floor, the guest rooms, suites and restaurants will all undergo vast transformations. The project will
also include the creation of a spa.
Throughout this endeavour, all staff members will receive a support package, which will be
negotiated by their representatives. It will fulfil the dual objective of preserving their jobs and
enhancing their qualifications to ensure optimum quality service when the Hôtel de Crillon reopens
its doors to the public.

For further details, please contact Hôtel de Crillon Press Relations department:
Elodie Tavares – Piège
Tel : +331 44 71 15 25