L’Heure Bleue Awarded Gold in Madagascar

L’Heure Bleue Awarded Gold in Madagascar
November 28, 2017 Bradley Cox

Nestled in lush tropical garden, L’Heure Bleue enjoys a unique location in Nosy Be which is well known as an island paradise. L’Heure Bleue consists of 8 luxury lodges and 10 waterfront bungalows that have received numerous awards for its eco-construction and for its design and decoration by fashion designer Frederique Glainereau.

Green Globe congratulates L’Heure Bleue on being awarded Gold status for five consecutive years of certification.

To reduce its environmental impact, native Ravinala roofing and local wood are the main materials used in building construction and all furniture is made in Madagascar. The lodges were designed to integrate with the landscape and are cooled by natural ventilation rather than air conditioning thereby reducing energy usage.

Senior staff members work closely with Tanana Madio, an association that handles waste management. This has resulted in improved sorting and collection of waste onsite. L’Heure Bleue also regularly contributes to the planning of future waste removal strategies in Nosy Be. In addition to garbage collection, the cleaning of the market, streets and ditches is organised and topics to improve sanitation are discussed.

Environmental protection is a fundamental part of the sustainability management plan. This year, from September to November L’Heure Bleue sponsored a photo exhibition highlighting marine fauna and flora. Part of the proceeds from sales were given to MADA Megafauna an NGO that conducts scientific studies on species in the area including whale sharks, whales, stingrays and coral sharks. While other funds were used for an educational activity where children of the district spent the day learning about whale sharks.

L’Heure Bleue is actively involved in environmental and social initiatives in the community. The property works with Miaraka, an association that assists young people from Madirokely and Ambatoloaka by promoting culture and environmental awareness, and other projects that foster economic development. L’Heure Bleue also financially supports various sports clubs on the island and associations such as the French school’s fair and the music festival and dance competition organized by the French alliance.


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