Lefay Resort & Spa Goes Fully Carbon Neutral

Lefay Resort & Spa Goes Fully Carbon Neutral
August 2, 2017 Bradley Cox

One of many achievements highlighted in its newly released 2016 sustainability report

Situated in a 27-acre nature reserve, surrounded by olive groves and overlooking Lake Garda, Green Globe certified eco-spa, Lefay Resort & SPA is dedicated to protecting the environment. The Resort’s newly released Sustainability Report 2016, the third annual such report, clearly demonstrates this commitment highlighting the Resort’s impressive progress in minimising its environmental impact, including being fully carbon neutral.

The Lefay Sustainability Report communicates the company’s devotion to sustainability, outlining achievements over the past year and future objectives, creating an effective tool for managing, reporting and developing environmental, social and economic sustainability. Key figures from the 2016 report include:
– CO2 emitted by the Resort was reduced by 3% compared to 2015
– 100% of the CO2 emitted by the Resort is compensated via the purchase of CERs credits
– Guests reported a 95% satisfaction level, with 26% being repeat Guests
– 6% increase in turnover compared to 2015
– Lefay Resort & SPA employs 137 Staff, 60% of which come from the local area
– The launch of the Lefay SPA Cosmetic Line, made to the demanding standards of leading international environmental certification bodies including Vegan OK and Cruelty Free

Total Compensation of the Resort’s CO2 emissions
Lefay Resorts is the first Italian hospitality company to sign an agreement with the Italian Ministry of the Environment aimed at neutralising CO2 emissions. Named Lefay Total Green, every year, Lefay Resort & SPA calculates its carbon footprint monitoring its direct CO2 emissions and those of travelling Guests. These are then offset through the purchase of CERs credits (in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol), intended to reduce emissions in Italy and in developing countries. This voluntary agreement, now sees 100% of the CO2 emitted by the Resort offset in this method.

Fresh Local Organic Produce
Lefay handpicks its suppliers ensuring they adhere to strict international environmental standards. Placing huge emphasis on fresh local produce, 66% of ingredients used in cuisine at the Resort is sourced directly from suppliers in the local Brescia province. 19% is from neighbouring provinces within 150 km of Lefay Resort & SPA (Milan, Verona, Padua) and the remaining 15% is from central or Northern Italy. At the heart of dishes served at Lefay are the principles of Lefay Vital Gourmet, which champion the Mediterranean diet and the authentic flavours of the region. Only the highest quality, seasonal and organic ingredients are used – extra virgin olive oil made onsite, citrus fruits from the lake and locally grown herbs all create a quintessential and light Mediterranean cuisine.

Staff Career Development
Lefay Resort & SPA recognises the importance of its Staff and places career development at its heart offering training programmes tailored to different roles. Incorporated within this are personal evaluation and motivational tools which reward the professional growth of staff members. Highlighting the success of these programmes in 2016, Lefay Resort & SPA experienced a Staff turnover rate of only 17%, the lowest the Resort has experienced in five years and far below the industry average.

The Launch of the New Lefay SPA Cosmetic Line
In February 2017, the Lefay SPA Cosmetic Line launched – a result driven line of environmentally friendly products used in spa treatments and available to purchase. Featuring 49 products, across five different ranges, the products have been dermatologically tested by Ferrara University and are free from parabens, SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulphate – a detergent that can cause eye or skin irritation), colourings and preservatives. The products have been made to the demanding standards of leading international environmental certification bodies, including: ‘Vegan OK’, a body certifying the non-use of materials of animal origin or obtained through the exploitation of animals and ‘Cruelty Free International’, the international standard ‘stop testing on animals’. In addition to this, the Lefay Cosmetic Oil Line for face and body is ‘Cosmos Organic’ (an independent body setting the standard for organic and natural cosmetics).

Already in 2017, Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda’s dedication to the environment has been recognised by two important international awards, garnering the award for “Best Sustainable Hotel in Europe” with TripAdvisor and being recognised as the “Most Innovative Sustainable Hotel”, with Fine Hotels & Resorts – the travel arm of American Express.

Liliana Leali, CEO of Lefay Resorts comments ‘With the third annual Sustainability Report, published according to the G4 Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and verified by TÜV Italia, we aim to promote an innovative and responsible business culture. This approach is fundamental for the company, highlighting achievements as well as future challenges, creating inspiration for all those that work with us’.
A digital version of the 2016 Sustainability report is available via the following link.

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Leading the way in sustainable hospitality in the luxury arena in Italy, the family-owned Resort has developed its own SPA Method to offer innovative wellness programmes combining traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western techniques.
Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is set in 27 acres of woodland and olive trees in the Alto Garda National Park overlooking Lake Garda. The Resort has 21 treatment rooms, six different types of sauna, a salt water lake for flotation therapies and indoor and outdoor swimming pools with spectacular views. They have developed their own non-invasive Lefay SPA Method, which combines the preventative approach of Chinese medicine with modern Western technique.