Le Grand Hôtel Cannes Educating All on Sustainable Societies

Le Grand Hôtel Cannes Educating All on Sustainable Societies
December 7, 2015 Bradley Cox

Le Grand Hôtel Cannes is located in the heart of the world’s cinema capital in France. The luxurious hotel lies tucked in behind the only gardens on the palm tree lined promenade La Croisette on the French Riviera. It is an elegant retreat from the busy and glamorous lifestyle of Cannes.

This Green Globe certified property has instigated significant sustainable initiatives. Recently the hotel obtained a gold level in the tripadvisor ecoleader certification.

Victor Basquin, Sustainable Development Manager at Le Grand Hôtel Cannes said,” This year, we wanted to focus on another aspect of our approach: our staff and guests’ sustainable education. Good practices you can learn on holiday or even at your workplace can be brought back home and have a larger impact!”

Just prior to the COP21 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris this year the Grand Hôtel Cannes organized an innovative community initiative where guests as well as members of the public could test drive electric cars. In partnership with the car manufacturer Tesla, the hotel held a promotion for this newest form of transportation. Electric cars are not as popular in France as in northern Europe, so the aim of the event was to introduce an eco-friendly solution to current vehicles that are reliant on fossil fuel. Also, Le Grand Hôtel Cannes will install three powerwall boxes to encourage clients to use their electric cars when travelling to the hotel.
“Through different events or meetings, we’ve chosen partners committed to environmental or social care. Responsible business and luxury services can work together,” added Mr Basquin.

During the International Film Festival 2015, the hotel hosted a special event in its gardens in collaboration with Horyou. This social network is comprised of an international community of individuals dedicated to acting for the common good such as environmental care. Participants enjoyed watching stage performances and documentaries while bloggers and media staff intermingled in the media lounge. This occasion that ran over twelve days in May provided a unique opportunity to promote sustainability and, more importantly, responsibility.

The property adheres to a specific Sustainability Management Plan and an annual energy reduction target has been set at 5%. All lamps in guest rooms have now been changed over to energy efficient LED. In addition, the hotel has decided to utilize green energy as 50% of their overall energy usage.

Le Grand Hôtel Cannes has improved its sorting of segregated recyclable items and successfully increased its recycling rates. The overall recycling rate reached 60% this year and continues to increase. In comparison, the recycling rate was 10% in 2014.

“Getting the Green Globe certification for the second time is a considerable reward for us. It shows that we’re following the right direction and it motivates the whole team to persevere,” concluded Mr Basquin.

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