Langoed ISVW Offers Shelter to Homeless During Corona Period

Langoed ISVW Offers Shelter to Homeless During Corona Period
September 23, 2020 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified the  Langoed International School of Philosophy (ISVW) in Leusden in the Netherlands. The ISVW, set within a 6-hectare forest, has a conference hotel on the estate.

Best practices at the ISVW include new initiatives that will contribute to the centre’s sustainability performance while community programs benefit those in need during these challenging times.

Energy Reduction Strategy

To reduce energy consumption and provide better insulation in a main meeting room that was once three separate rooms, single glass windows were replaced with double glass panes. Eco-radiators and automatic air refreshment systems have been installed at the property and all TL lightning has been changed to LED lighting. Double glass windows have also been fitted at the De Kuilen building which is separate from the main building.

ISVW has also invested in a smart RATIONAL Self Cooking Center. The unit is Energy Star rated and automatically adjusts temperature, moisture and cooking time settings. It indicates when different dishes are ready during the cooking process and has a narrow triple glazed glass door that reduces heat loss if the door is left open, which occurs frequently with a la carte menus.

Helping the Homeless

Twenty-five hotel rooms have been made available for homeless people during the Corona lockdown period. The CSR initiative assists those in need and aims to help reduce the spread of COVID19 at existing shelters. Furthermore, ISVW has offered the Meander Medical Center accommodation where patients can quarantine if necessary.

Protecting Nature

Set amidst natural surroundings filled with native wildlife, the philosophical institute aims to foster biodiversity through its environmental projects. In 2019, the ISVW planned for fifty additional birdhouses to be placed around the property that are now ready for new residents. In addition, the ISVW manages an ongoing Adopt a Tree Program to ensure new trees are being planted within the estate grounds in efforts to combat climate change.