Landgoed ISVW Committed to Staff and the Community

Landgoed ISVW Committed to Staff and the Community
June 9, 2021 Bradley Cox

Founded more than 100 years ago, the ISVW (International School of Philosophy) has a social mission with all revenues from hospitality contributing to the practise of philosophy of the Netherlands. A wonderful peaceful green location in Utrecht is home to the non-profit organization and a conference centre comprised of accommodation, meeting rooms, a restaurant and bar.

Green Globe has recertified Landgoed ISVW for the third consecutive year.

Chantal Orth, Director at the ISVW said, “Landgoed ISVW is very pleased to receive Green Globe recertification once again. We have had to adapt to changing circumstances arising the corona crisis but thanks to all of our team, we have emerged in an even better situation.”

Despite a very challenging year Landgoed ISVW has followed through with many green practices and improvements. The institute is also very committed to both its staff members and the local community.

Outdoor Beautification Projects

Landgoed ISVW, like many other companies, was hit hard by Covid-19 restrictions. Hotel accommodation and the conference centre were closed for several months greatly impacting overall business. However, despite this serious situation, all staff remained employed and were kept suitably busy both indoors and outdoors.

Landgoed ISVW’s Chef cooking outdoors.

“We are very proud that all our staff members were retained although losses have been experienced during the pandemic. Our Chef and wait staff did not sit idle during the closures and the ISVW has never looked as beautiful as it does now,” explained Chantal Orth.

One initiative undertaken by the Chef was to build a small pond within the grounds. Guests will be able to walk around and enjoy the lovely water feature and there are hopes that native birds, frogs and small reptiles will also be attracted to the pond. Maintenance activities conducted outside like this one can help generate more environmental awareness than regular training. Staff members were also given opportunities to continue completion of professional development and training.

Helping the Homeless

The ISVW bus stop.

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, Landgoed ISVW was able to shelter 28 homeless people for five months and provided safe clean accommodation where social distancing was possible. The gesture to open its hotel doors to homeless people from the region is admirable and very much fits in with the ethos of the philosophy training institute. Furthermore, it is likely that this generous social action will be continued should the occasion arise in future.

Eco-friendly Transportation

It is a very welcome improvement that the ISVW is now accessible by public bus and also has its own bus stop located directly in front of the property. The new Landgoed ISVW bus route fulfills the institute’s ambitions to promote eco-friendly transport and minimize fossil-fuel consumption.


Chantal Orth
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