Ladera Resort: A Stunning Saint Lucia Wellness Destination

Ladera Resort: A Stunning Saint Lucia Wellness Destination
March 3, 2021 Bradley Cox

Ladera Resort takes full advantage of its natural surroundings in Soufrière, offering a unique design in guest accommodation. The 37 suites all have an “open wall” where the west side of each unit is left open to expose breathtaking views of the majestic twin Pitons and Caribbean.

Green Globe recertified Ladera Resort in December 2020 with the property achieving a high compliance score of 86%.

Ensconced in natural surrounds, Ladera Resort is the perfect place to pursue your latest wellness agenda or simply relax and lose yourself in tranquil settings. The resort has created picturesque walkways and set up outdoor fitness equipment where guests can indulge their bodies and senses according to their own personal whims.

The Nature Trail

The Nature Trail is part of Ladera Resort’s Wellness Center which is located on a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The trails extend over 1.9 miles rising about 1000 ft. above sea level. Trails are graded according to level of difficulty, from Easiest, Moderate and Strenuous to Very Strenuous. Guests can choose to walk or hike the trails or simply enjoy them as places to meditate and relax.

The Nature Trail winds through the forest and connects the Spa, the fruit plantation, the outdoor workout station, yoga path, green garden, herb garden, yoga plateau, the Meditation Pavilion, the waterfall and leads to the Sou Koue Plateau – an ancient sacred site revered by the Carib Indians. From the Plateau there is an exceptional view of the Gros Piton and Petit Piton, rising above the blue Caribbean ocean. So close, you feel that you can touch them.

Many resting areas are dotted along the way, complete with swing chairs, benches and magnificent viewpoints. Signage along the walking trail to the top of the volcanic ridge describes in detail the native plant life, geology and wildlife.

Train in Nature

Ladera Resort’s unique and rustic out-door gym is a project that combines fitness with their love of nature. All the hand-made wooden equipment is designed and handcrafted in the carpentry shop at the resort from woods sourced from within the property or from neighboring businesses.

The fondly named Flintstone-style equipment for workouts includes:
• Monkey bars
• Treadmill
• Pull up bars
• Parallel bars
• Balance Beam
• Tyre Flips
• Flat bench workout
• Incline bench
• Pole Climbing
• Stair Pyramid
• Chest press
• Leg press
• Stump hops
• Rowing Machine and,
• Wooden Dumbbells


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General Manager
Ladera Resort
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