Breathtaking Altitude Experience at La Société des Téléphériques de la Grande Motte

Breathtaking Altitude Experience at La Société des Téléphériques de la Grande Motte
September 12, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe member La Société des Téléphériques de la Grande Motte (STGM), a subsidiary of the Compagnie des Alpes Ski Group, is located in the Tignes ski area, a naturally extraordinary mountain region in France.

STGM is focussed on preserving the natural beauty of the French Alp area through the launch of a new ecological initiative. An immense, beautiful project called the Altitude Experience is underway that will be conducted in partnership with the National Park of Vanoise. It aims to encourage visitors to discover the extraordinary environment of the region. Starting at the entrance of the funicular, detailed information will be displayed highlighting the fauna and flora of Tignes. At 3020m above sea level, a discovery course will take customers to another dimension. After that, at 3456m above sea level, the world’s largest cable car-terrace offers travelers a unique experience and perspective of the natural setting that surrounds it. With its roof terrace, the views from the new cable car at Tignes Grande Motte is exceptional.

Photos:Aurélie Monod-Gonin & Stef Candé

Various environmental events are undertaken by the company promoting the local region and developing relationships with the community. In collaboration with the Vanoise National Park, STGM teams and Park members supervise young people during interactive activities where students learn about the Grande Motte glacier. In addition, Vanoise National Park and STGM worked closely together on an exhibition about the native fauna and flora of Tignes which was held at La Tovière.

Protecting biodiversity is a key consideration at the estate. Commencing in 2013, STGM set up an Environmental Observatory to measure and anticipate the effects of work undertaken on the landscapes and to identify biological species. The movement of wildlife is observed in relation to the re-grassing of tracks and the control and adaption of plant species. To this day, when new works are undertaken, environmental impacts and landscape studies are systematically carried out.

Other green initiatives include favoring the use of natural materials such as wood so that buildings integrate harmoniously into the landscape. Furthermore, during the summer of 2016, a new ski lift was created, which made it possible to remove two obsolete ski lifts – comprised of three pylons, a departure station and an arrival station. At the beginning of winter 2017, two dry toilets were installed on the Tovière massiff. The Quality Safety Environment Department plan to install two dry toilets on the estate each year from now on. All STGM departments follow green principles and the use of eco-friendly products, wherever possible chemicals are replaced with organic products.

As part of its CO2 reduction stategy, STGM contributes toward a carbon offset program via Reforest’Action. Through the program, a total of 140 hours of work will be created leading to the planting of 140 trees that will provide 280 shelters for animals and generate 560 months worth of oxygen. The estate also hires an electric quad for golf players’ use at Tignes and has its own mule.

STGM’s responsibility is to raise awareness regarding the work environment and campaigns are organized regularly for employees, suppliers and customers to keep all members informed about the latest sustainable news and happenings.


Marie Planel
CSR Manager
Société des Téléphériques de la Grande Motte
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Tignes 73321
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